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Discover and compare the private school fees for independant and catholic, secondary and primary schools in Canberra in the tables below. The fees listed are to be used as a guide only and we recommend contacting the school directly for the latest fees.

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Private Secondary Schools Near Canberra

Canberra Private Secondary School Fees Suburb Year 8 Year 10 Year 12
Canberra Grammar School Red Hill $24,250 $24,250 $24,800
Canberra Girls Grammar School Deakin $21,250 $22,050 $23,400
Radford College Bruce $17,600 $19,050 $18,730
Orana Steiner School Weston $12,956 $12,952 $13,342
Marist College Canberra Pearce $10,623 $11,773 $12,064
Burgmann Anglican School Gungahlin $11,350 $12,040 $12,040
St Edmund'S College Canberra Griffith $9,940 $10,880 $11,200
Trinity Christian School Wanniassa $10,018 $10,018 $10,852
St John Paul Ii College Nicholls $6,856 $6,960 $10,404
Merici College Braddon $7,957 $8,124 $9,703
Daramalan College Dickson $7,940 $8,500 $9,340
Brindabella Christian College Lyneham $7,726 $8,676 $9,091
St Francis Xavier College Florey $7,776 $7,914 $8,773
St Mary Mackillop College Isabella Plains $6,523 $7,120 $7,802
St Clare'S College Griffith $5,980 $6,236 $7,248
Blue Gum Community School Hackett $8,800 $8,800
Emmaus Christian School Dickson $7,777 $8,322
Covenant Christian School Gordon $7,180 $7,180

Private Primary Schools Near Canberra

Canberra Private Primary School Fees Suburb Pre Primary Year 2 Year 4 Year 6
Canberra Grammar School Red Hill $17,460 $17,460 $19,625 $20,500
Canberra Girls Grammar School Deakin $15,400 $15,400 $17,200 $18,200
Radford College Bruce $12,230 $12,230 $13,640 $14,895
Burgmann Anglican School Gungahlin $10,100 $10,100 $10,100 $11,350
Orana Steiner School Weston $9,330 $9,075 $9,852 $10,212
Canberra Montessori School Holder $11,200 $10,200 $10,200 $10,200
Marist College Canberra Pearce $7,907 $8,107
Blue Gum Community School Hackett $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000
St Edmund'S College Canberra Griffith $6,720 $7,970
Trinity Christian School Wanniassa $7,938 $7,938 $7,938 $7,938
Brindabella Christian College Lyneham $5,400 $5,320 $5,470 $6,414
Emmaus Christian School Dickson $5,503 $5,503 $6,033 $6,033
Covenant Christian School Gordon $5,520 $5,520 $5,520 $5,520
Canberra Christian School Mawson $4,180 $4,180 $4,710 $4,710
St Joseph'S Primary School O'Connor $4,132 $4,132 $4,132 $4,132
St Thomas The Apostle Primary School Kambah $3,828 $3,828 $3,828 $3,828
St Monica'S Primary School Evatt $3,819 $3,819 $3,819 $3,819
St Thomas Aquinas Primary School Charnwood $3,796 $3,796 $3,796 $3,796
St Jude'S Primary School Holder $3,728 $3,728 $3,728 $3,728
Holy Trinity Primary School Curtin $3,724 $3,724 $3,724 $3,724
Sacred Heart Primary School Pearce $3,692 $3,692 $3,692 $3,692
St Thomas More'S Primary School Campbell $3,692 $3,692 $3,692 $3,692
Mother Teresa School Harrison $3,648 $3,648 $3,648 $3,648
Rosary Primary School Watson $3,644 $3,644 $3,644 $3,644
Good Shepherd Primary School Amaroo $3,640 $3,640 $3,640 $3,640
St John Vianney'S Primary School Waramanga $3,636 $3,636 $3,636 $3,636
Holy Spirit Primary School Nicholls $3,552 $3,552 $3,552 $3,552
St Matthew'S Primary School Page $3,552 $3,552 $3,552 $3,552
Holy Family Primary School Gowrie $3,532 $3,532 $3,532 $3,532
St John The Apostle Primary School Florey $3,450 $3,450 $3,450 $3,450
St Clare Of Assisi Primary School Conder $3,414 $3,414 $3,414 $3,414
St Anthony'S Parish Primary School Wanniassa $3,389 $3,389 $3,389 $3,389
St Benedict'S Primary School Narrabundah $3,057 $3,057 $2,879 $2,879
St Francis Of Assisi Primary School Calwell $2,876 $2,876 $2,876 $2,876
Islamic School Of Canberra Weston $2,400 $2,400 $2,400 $2,400
Taqwa School Spence $1,500 $2,000 $2,000

Private Tutoring Fees - $30 to $150 per session

Whatever type of school you choose, you can supplement your child’s learning with private tutoring. This can range in price from $30 to $150 per hour, and can be offered as needed or on a regular basis (weekly in term time is the most common configuration). You can go through individuals or a company, and you can explore individual or group learning or a hybrid of any of these options.

The difference in price in individual private tutoring tends to reflect the skills and experience of the tutor and the resources they have available. A younger tutor who is in the senior years of high school or fresh out of school is likely to charge at the lower end of the fee range while a qualified and experienced teacher who may specialise in supplementary tutoring will cost markedly more.

For more information on why some tutors cost more than others, read our guide on: how much does a tutor cost? >>

You’ll find a range of prices between and within private tutoring companies based on several factors including:

  • size of the group
  • age of the student
  • packaged purchases
  • subject area, and
  • international examination preparation

Considering private tutoring as an alternative or supplement to private school fees?

Private tutoring is an accessible and flexible alternative to, or supplement for, ever-increasing school fees. Tutoring comes with many benefits, for students who attend all types of schools, including:

  • learning tailored to the student’s personal and changing needs
  • building educational relationships beyond school and home
  • growing confidence in study skills and curriculum content, and
  • support for the whole family in deciphering school-speak, setting goals and measuring learning success on the students’ own terms

No matter which path you choose, your child will always have their own individual skills, experiences and frustrations. Private tutoring ensures that they get one-on-one, personalised education that is as unique as they are. Australia Talks 2021 has found that while parent satisfaction with education in Australia varies across the many sectors, no one is completely satisfied with how their child is learning in school. Private tutoring can radically increase student and parent satisfaction with the learning experience and the results speak for themselves;

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We’re the largest online tutoring company in Australia for a reason. Actually, there are a lot of them: Our content is created by expert educators, aligning to the curriculum and what your child is learning at school.

We build confidence with patient and friendly tutors that maximise learning in a fun and interactive way. Our 1-to-1 and face-to-face tutoring sessions are personalised allowing your child to learn at their own speed. And that’s just the beginning...

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Cluey tutoring sessions include

  • Private 1-to-1 Online Tutoring
  • Qualified Expert Tutors
  • Face-to-Face Interactive Learning
  • Tutor maching for individual personality and leraning traits
  • Local syllabus aligned content
  • Learn online from the convenience of your own home
  • Weekly reporting on student’s program progress
  • Unlimited acces to tutor session recordings

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