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For school years 2-12

Follows Australian Curriculum

2,521+ expert tutors

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Here's why parents and students around Australia are choosing Cluey Learning:

1. The Content

We map our content to the Australian curriculum and ensure it's aligned to what your child is learning at Callaghan College Jesmond Campus, making sure the concepts we cover in our sessions are the same, from classroom to living room (or any other room).

2. The Tutors

We have 2,521+ expert tutors across Australia and we individually match each child to a tutor based on their personality and learning needs to ensure the tutor maximises learning in a fun and interactive way.

3. The Approach

Our personalised approach allows your child to learn at their own speed, in their own unique way; empowering them to take charge of their own education.

4. The Quality

Our expert education team reviews recorded sessions to help coach & develop our tutors – only the best learning experience for your child!

5. The Feedback

We keep you in the loop with regular progress reports and use your feedback to tailor our approach - partnering with you to support your child's learning.

6. The Online Convenience

No more rushing to a centre after school; our sessions are online (which kids love!) and face-to-face, at a time that suits you. View a demo here.

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How Cluey Learning works

Life with kids is hectic enough without rushing from Callaghan College Jesmond Campus and to a tutoring centre at the most chaotic times of the day! We’ve made it easier to get personalised, 1-to-1 school tutoring with our online, interactive learning platform, providing the highest quality tutoring support from the comfort of home.

Every session is live, and face to face with a real tutor from anywhere across Australia, because the best tutor isn’t always the closest. With video, audio and a collaborative whiteboard, it’s the safest and most convenient way to learn. Plus, we record each session so it can be reviewed at any time.

No more looking over the tutor’s shoulder - our education team does this for you, regularly reviewing sessions to keep you in the loop and continuously improve your child's learning experience.

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Here’s what parents around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:


Builds confidence!

Had only just started and already I can see the benefits of 1:1 learning for my child! She looks forward to each session and is positively energised after the lesson.

Sharon Bronze

Given my child more confidence and help on what is needed.

Great teacher. Works well with my shy child. Cluey challenges without dropping their confidence. Would recommend parents to try. Teaching is so hard to do when we learnt many years ago and with different techniques and technology. I feel less stressed my child is getting behind and happy that confidence is increasing.


Confidence growing , tailored to needs and highly recommend

Teaching is spot on and compatible with my sons way of learning. So far the tutoring is relevant to what is being taught at school and curriculum therefore reinforces and revises subject taught

Thankful Parent

Improved my childs knowledge and confidence

The tutor is very helpful and welcoming. She is helping my daughter build confidence. so far we had 3 lessons and my daughters is really enjoying it and looks forward to the sessions. The tutor is professional and able to include my child into discussion which is really great improvement.


Cluey is building my daughter's confidence

My child has a medical condition and has missed quite a bit of school. By joining Cluey learning he has gained confidence and has been able to fill in the gaps he has missed. He is always very excited to do the lessons and he always reflects back to me what he has learned. His tutor always checks with my son what he has been doing at school so he can extend on this.


Extra boost of confidence

My son is lost in the system. He is that good child that they do not see. We started Cluey a few weeks back. I love the flexibility of doing it in our own home. The maths tutor gets it. He gets my son to work through the problems and figures out where he is making mistakes. They work back through the problem to fix it. My son than works on other similar problems that he does not get. Our tutor works with my son on the deficits in his maths knowledge. Having one on one allows my son to work on his individual needs.

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