• Chemistry
  • Year 11

Introduction to Bonding, Isotopes and Analytical Techniques

approx. 8 hrs

4 topics

51 concepts

Develop a fundamental understanding of Chemical Bonding, Isotopes and how the Bohr Model advanced our understanding of the atom.

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The Year 11 Introduction to Bonding, Isotopes and Analytical Techniques Program explores nomenclature and formulae of ionic and covalent compounds, isotopes and analyitcal techniques such as flame tests and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).

Topics & Concepts We Cover

This learning program is made up of the following 4 topics, broken down into 51 concepts.

  • Resource: Periodic Table 1 concept

    1. The Periodic Table

  • Intro to Bonding QLD 29 concepts

    1. Ionic Bonding

    2. Writing Formulae for Ionic Compounds

    3. Formulae of Ionic Compounds containing Oxyanions

    4. "Drop and Swap" Method of Determining Formulae of Ionic Compounds

    5. Formulae of Ionic Compounds containing Polyatomic Ions

    6. Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams for Ionic Compounds

    7. Electronegativity: Rationale for Bonding

    8. Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams for Single Atoms

    9. Octet Rule and Lewis Diagrams

    10. Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams for Single Ions

    11. Chemical Stability and Bonding

    12. Lewis Electron Dot Diagrams for Covalent Compounds

    13. Writing Formulae for Inorganic Covalent Compounds

    14. Covalent Bonding

    15. Formation of Covalent Bonds

    16. Bonding Pairs and Lone Pairs

    17. Determining Electron Configurations of Ions

    18. Determining the Number of Subatomic Particles of Ions

    19. Octet Rule

    20. Chemical Stability

    21. Formation of Ions

    22. Native Elements

    23. Anions and Cations

    24. Common Monatomic Ions

    25. Valency

    26. Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds containing Oxyanions

    27. Nomenclature of Inorganic Covalent Compounds

    28. Polyatomic Ions

    29. Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds containing Polyatomic Ions

  • Isotopes QLD 4 concepts

    1. Calculating Isotopic Abundance

    2. Calculating Relative Atomic Mass

    3. Isotopes

    4. Relative Atomic Mass

  • Analytical Techniques QLD 17 concepts

    1. Calibration Curves in AAS

    2. How AAS Works

    3. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

    4. Absorption Spectrum

    5. Line Spectra

    6. Measuring Isotopic Abundance

    7. Ground And Excited States: How the Bohr Model explains Line Spectra

    8. Flame Tests

    9. Continuous Spectrum

    10. Calculating Relative Atomic Mass from a Mass Spectrum

    11. Limitations of the Bohr Model

    12. Explaining Colour from Flame Tests

    13. Emission Spectrum

    14. Three Series of Spectral Lines for Hydrogen Atoms

    15. Postulates of the Bohr Model: Discrete Energy Levels (Orbits)

    16. Problems with Rutherford's Planetary Model

    17. Features of the Bohr Model

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