• Mathematics
  • Year 5

Statistics and Probability

approx. 6 hrs

2 topics

23 concepts

The Year 5 Statistics and Probability program gives students skills in describing, collecting and representing data, and interpreting graphical representations.

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The Year 5 Statistics and Probability program is aligned with the relevant outcomes from the Statistics and Probability strand of the Australian curriculum. Students studying Statistics and Probability in Year 5 learn how to represent variables, such as time and distance on a line graph, make predictions based on theoretical probability and represent the language of chance on a number line.

Topics & Concepts We Cover

This learning program is made up of the following 2 topics, broken down into 23 concepts.

  • Collecting and Representing Data 13 concepts

    1. Tabulate collected data, including numerical data, with and without the use of digital technologies such as spreadsheets

    2. Identify and describe relationships that can be observed in data displays

    3. Describe and interpret data presented in tables, dot plots, column graphs and line graphs

    4. Recognise which types of data display are most appropriate to represent categorical data

    5. Construct line graphs of numerical data using a scale of many-to-one correspondence, with and without digital technology

    6. Use information presented in data displays to aid decision making

    7. Consider the data type to determine and draw the most appropriate display(s), such as column graphs, dot plots and line graphs

    8. Pose and refine questions to construct a survey to obtain categorical and numerical data about a matter of interest

    9. Interpret line graphs using the scales on the axes

    10. Construct dot plots for numerical data

    11. Determine the total number of data values represented in dot plots and column graphs

    12. Represent given categorical data in column graphs using a scale of many-to-one correspondence

    13. Name and label axes and choose appropriate titles for column graphs

  • Introduction to Probability 10 concepts

    1. Describe the likelihood of a variety of events as being more or less than a half (or 0.5) and order the events on an interval

    2. Determine the likelihood of winning simple games by considering the number of possible outcomes

    3. Establish that the sum of the probabilities of the outcomes of any chance experiment is equal to 1

    4. Describe events that are impossible and events that are certain

    5. Represent probabilities of outcomes of chance experiments using fraction

    6. Order commonly used chance word on an interval from zero (impossible) to one (certain)

    7. Recognise that outcomes are described as equally likely when anyone outcome has the same chance of occurring as any other outcome

    8. List all outcomes in chance experiments where each outcome is equally likely to occur

    9. Order events from least likely to most likely to occur

    10. Use the term probability to describe the numerical value that represents the likelihood of an outcome of a chance experiment

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  • Access information at every stage showing what's been mastered, what areas need to be worked on and what's next
  • You and your parents receive a comprehensive feedback report after every session
  • Every session is recorded and available for you to watch at any time, allowing you to review what was covered

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