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Recommended learning program

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Identify personal learning needs


Support what you’re learning in class


Build confidence in becoming more autonomous

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Terms generally run for 10 weeks



Quality program content

state of Australia

The entire syllabus is covered by content created and curated by our experienced education team.



Flexible learning


'Schedule tutoring sessions anytime between 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week!'

Reschedule easily when things get busy.

Conveniently online


Learn from home (or anywhere) through our online tools.

Unlimited access to online practice exercises.

Who you’ll learn with

A tutor matched to you who will help you with your needs.


Plans and content overseen and quality assured by our education team

Head of Department

Continuous feedback


Weekly reporting on your progress.


Review and revision with unlimited access to session recordings.

Stay in control. Modify the topic you're covering or your session scheduling any time you need.

Book now and save!

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Reverts to $80 per week after weeks


What happens when you book?

  1. We get you started by matching you with the right tutor and scheduling your first session.
  2. We build your learning plan with content aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.
  3. Your first tutoring session kicks things off!

Looking for more?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help you out.

Yes, the integrated video and audio communication is two way. Every tutoring session is designed to be very interactive with their expert tutor guiding the student through theory, worked examples and practice questions.

No, you don’t need any special software for your Cluey Learning tutoring sessions, just a laptop or computer with an internet connection, microphone and a web cam.

For 1-to-1 sessions, you can schedule sessions anytime between 7am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday. For small group courses, there are specific weekly times you can select, depending on the course.

Primary programs start with a “kick-off” session which enables us to gauge where we should start each student’s program. Similarly, for secondary students we can start their program with a discovery session to place them in the correct module. As the lessons progress, your tutor, supported by our learning platform, determines where your child is at in each area. For 1-to-1 learning programs, they personalise the learning plan and upcoming tutoring sessions specifically to meet their needs. We refer to this as continuous assessment.

After each tutoring session, your tutor will share a report highlighting topics covered in the session, areas your child did well in or needed extra help with, and their overall progress. You can access these reports and session recordings at any time. If you have any concerns, you can discuss these with the tutor at the start or end of a session, or speak with our Customer Care team.

Our tutors include Teachers, top ATAR achievers and subject matter experts who are located throughout Australia. Before becoming a Cluey tutor, every tutor goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure we recruit the best people, with only 2% of tutors who apply making the grade. Thereafter, we train, support, develop and constantly review our tutors to ensure they provide consistently good quality teaching that’s right for your child.

Yes. Our Education Team maps all our content to the Australian Curriculum in each state. All content is relevant to your child’s school syllabus and what they’re covering in the classroom.

Yes, for 1-to-1 sessions. During your child’s first Cluey 1-to-1 session your tutor will gauge their level of skills and knowledge and identify any strengths and weaknesses they have. We then customise a personalised learning plan for the student, tailored to their areas of need.  This plan is updated after every learning session.

Generally, children of all ages respond very well working with their personal tutor on our online platform as most of them already use similar technology at school. Our personalised approach and regular reporting after each session provide students (and parents) with confidence. You can also track your child’s progress and engagement through session recordings, available via a private link that we can email to you.

In most cases, it’s even better! In addition to high quality tutors, live online face-to-face sessions and personalised content, our A.I. platform measures every interaction we have with a student – ensuring a consistent, quality experience for our students. Access to regular reports and video recordings means you’re always across your child’s progress.   You also have flexibility and control over when you have your tutoring sessions.

Yes, you can start by committing only to two sessions. But keep in mind that a reasonable part of the first session revolves around getting to know your tutor, introducing the platform and learning content, and your tutor understanding your needs. The first session is less content intensive than subsequent sessions, hence students should do at least two sessions to start with. Regardless, you are never locked into a long term contract at Cluey Learning and you can choose to have as much or as little tutoring as you desire.

Need some help?

If you have any questions about your enrolment, please contact our learning advisors

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