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Here's why parents and students around Australia are choosing Cluey Learning:

1. The Content

We map our content to the curriculum, making sure the concepts we cover in our sessions are the same, from classroom to living room (or any other room).

2. The Tutors

Our tutors bring learning to life, listening to your child and adapting their program so that they get the support they need to thrive.

3. The Approach

Our personalised approach allows your child to learn at their own speed, in their own unique way; empowering them to take charge of their own education.

4. The Quality

Our expert education team reviews recorded sessions to help coach & develop our tutors – only the best learning experience for your child!

5. The Feedback

We keep you in the loop with regular progress reports and use your feedback to tailor our approach - partnering with you to support your child's learning.

6. The Online Convenience

No more rushing to a centre after school; our sessions are online (which kids love!) and face-to-face, at a time that suits you. View a demo here.

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How Cluey Learning works

Life with kids is hectic enough without rushing to and from a tutoring centre at the most chaotic times of the day! We’ve made it easier to get personalised, school tutoring with our online, interactive learning platform, providing the highest quality tutoring support from the comfort of home.

Every session is live, and face to face with a real tutor from anywhere across Australia, because the best tutor isn’t always the closest. With video, audio and a collaborative whiteboard, it’s the safest and most convenient way to learn. Plus, we record each session so it can be reviewed at any time.

No more looking over the tutor’s shoulder - our education team does this for you, regularly reviewing sessions to keep you in the loop and continuously improve your child's learning experience.

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Over 1,000 positive reviews from happy parents and students across Australia.

Plus here’s some interviews with parents & students about Cluey Learning:

Alli, parent of a Cluey student describes her experience.

What do students think of Cluey's English tutoring?

What do students think of Cluey's Maths tutoring?

Sarah, parent of a Cluey student describes her experience.

David, parent of a Cluey student describes his experience.

Mel, parent of a Cluey student describes her experience.

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REVIEW: Online Tutoring with Cluey Learning Gets an A with Both Parents and Kids

Considering a tutor for your child? Before you post an ad on your local Facebook community page, consider thinking outside the standard educational box with Cluey Learning.

Mum Central recently asked a team of mums and kids to give Cluey Learning online tutoring a go. The service provides a unique, affordable and personal way to connect your child to the part of the curriculum giving them a hard time.

Our reviewers hailed from different states, with kids of different ages. But they all had one thing in common – the desire to help their children succeed in school.

How Cluey Learning can help

The Cluey Learning program is simple – first Cluey Learning matches a Maths or English tutor to your child through their extensive database (chemistry tuition is available too for those in secondary school). You don’t have to go anywhere to connect to the tutor – the 60 minute sessions are done via Cluey’s online learning platform.

It’s convenient, easy to use, affordable and comfortable for both parents and students, aged 8 to 17. And kids LOVE the online tools, such as real-time video and the interactive whiteboard. But what did our reviewers think of the service?

100% would recommend Cluey Learning to friends: 

"It was easy to use and more fun than normal school because there were no people messing around. You actually learn stuff. I never get one-on-one time with my teacher at school like that." – Isobel, Grade 5

"I feel in the classroom situation, my son wouldn’t have grasped the information quite as well as he did in his tutoring session." – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

Not all children learn in the same way. Many kids will need a little bit of extra assistance or a different approach to being taught. This is what makes Cluey Learning stand out – they have the ability to cater to your child’s learning patterns so you can rest assured knowing they are understanding it. And that they are moving forward in their learning.

Even if your child has a hard time concentrating in class, prefers a more visual approach or works at a slower pace, the tutors at Cluey Learning can cater to these individual learning requirements.

Why Kids Love Cluey Learning: 

"It’s not just for kids who are struggling, it’s also great for kids who are doing well in school just to consolidate what they are learning. The maths session really helped cement Isobel’s knowledge of what she had been taught in class. She really liked that there were no "annoying boys" mucking around and distracting the other kids and the teacher, which she says is often a problem in her classroom." – Nikki, mum of Isobel, Grade 5

It was easy to understand Nathan and he was very helpful if you got something wrong. The way you could see what they were doing on the same screen as you was very good and helped you understand what they were showing you." Isobel, Grade 5

Here’s a typical online tutoring session – the child can see the tutor face to face while working through the lesson.

"Josh was great. He gave Brit some good advice and different ways to do things that helped her understand English grammar." Deanne, mum of Brittany, Grade 11

"The tutor is very personable and truly engages my daughter in her lessons." – Monique, mum of Julia, Grade 3

"I found it easy to set up for him and think we probably got better results with my son doing the tutoring session in his own environment." – Maree, mum of Elijah, Grade 3

"Our experience was great, easy to log on, their email notifications and reminders are fantastic to get your prepared for your session. A wonderful safe, quick way to get someone homework done." – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

Cluey Learning review

The results are in: Cluey Learning gets an A in tutoring: 

Whether you’re looking for a tutor to help your child brush up or ace a ATAR score, consider Cluey Learning. Simply fill in a few details and you’re on your way to getting a personalised tutor without the high costs or complications.

I have signed her up for 3 more lessons. My daughter is enjoying the one-on-one support of her tutor. She is engaged and excited about the lessons." – Deanne, mum of Brittany, Year 11

NSM Review: The clever new way for kids to learn online

Parenting is delightful stuff, but being a mum also comes with an overwhelming sense of responsibility for making sure your little one has the best start in life- and that includes their education. Bianka Ford tests out Cluey Learning, a ‘safety net’ online tutor service that can identify any gaps in their understanding of classwork, before it becomes a bigger problem.

No matter how bright or studious your child is, it’s easy for them to misunderstand a simple concept in the early years at school, say in Year 8 maths, which then compounds over the years until it’s an HSC-sized problem in Year 12. And while of course the school teacher can help, they have a whole class to contend with, and even a one-on-one tutor can be tricky to organise, not to mention finding the right personality to match your child’s learning style.

So what’s the solution? Well, enter Cluey Learning! Cluey is an online tutor portal that connects your child to a one-on-one real-life tutor. Here’s how it works:

Cluey Learning’s expert content team and educators hard at work on the job!

So much planning and knowledge goes into the Cluey Learning program

Cluey Learning: The Road Test

Our family took Cluey for a trial run, and from the start I felt comfortable and supported. Michael gave me a call ahead of the first session to get background on my son so the best tutor could be matched to his tutorial. Cluey’s operators made sure we knew how to check our connection, webcam and mic were correctly working so that technical issues wouldn’t interfere with our session. Clever!

Our goal: For us, rather than a specific issue, we wanted to check that my son’s mid-year change in schools (which also meant changing teachers and curriculum) didn’t leave him with any gaps in his foundational knowledge.

We wanted to check my son’s change in schools didn’t leave any gaps in his knowledge

The Cluey Learning set up showing our tutor Clarissa mid-lesson

How Does It Work?

We logged into the session 15 minutes early for a welcome screen and to discover a Whiteboard space, which is like the blank canvas (or digital piece of paper!) where the student works. I’m unnaturally excited, while my son has found a way to use to the tools to draw a Pokeball, naturally. Like most of our kids growing up with technology, he is very at ease with the process and working online. I mean hey, he might be learning, but he’s still getting screentime so it’s a win as far as he’s concerned!

Working with the Whiteboard interface, which has easy-to-use tools

Clarissa ran through some basic sets of questions to gauge where any weaknesses might be

The Cluey Learning Session

At the appointed time of 4:30 on the dot, our tutor Clarissa pops up on our screen, in exactly the way a Facetime call appears (each of you with a view of the other). She’s about the age of a University student, she’s polite, obviously very intelligent and has a great connection with kids. She starts with some questions to put us at ease then gets cracking with the lessons listed on an onscreen panel.

First we master to the tools, which are the Whiteboard space (with standards like pen tool, text tool etc) and an excellent upload tool to upload homework or a video of an issue that needs help.

We then work through some basic math problems so Clarissa can see where my son’s learning is up to. As a parent, it’s hard to bit my tongue when I see that he’s doing something incorrectly, but letting the trained expert on the other side of the screen do it her way, yielded better results!

As the session comes to an end, the timer on the screen lets you know it’s time for reflection. We were able to see that we now had an excellent idea of my son’s situation, and what strengths and weaknesses to focus on in the next session to best support and improve his learning.

Mum’s Verdict:

I would confidently recommend Cluey Learning to my friends. The session with the Cluey tutor gave me the peace of mind that he was on track with his learning, but also showed me that some topics  need to be explained in a different way for him to fully grasp the concepts, which Clarissa handled perfectly.

Student’s Verdict:

"I think it went pretty good, I like it. I like how she could just talk to me and make questions appear. I like how you can draw and use text features. I think it would help with school because it starts easy and then gets a little harder. Can I do it again?"

The verdict from our test subject was clear: "Can I do it again?"

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

Just before the school holidays ended, my eldest boy jumped in my car after school and just burst into tears….  As his brother was with him, I knew better than to ask him what was wrong in the car…. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight.  It was a long five-minute drive home hearing him sob quietly in the back seat.

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out | Stay at Home Mum

When you have a child on the spectrum, you know how they tick and what will work when you need them to talk to you.  When we got home, I took him aside, found a nice quiet spot where we wouldn’t be interrupted by sticky beaks (ie his younger brother), sat down, and I held his hands in mine until he was ready to talk.  It took awhile.

"Mummmmmm’…… his bottom lip quivered.   ‘You’re going to be mad….’ Oh God, I was thinking to myself, what has he done!

‘I only got 60% on my maths test’…..He broke down and wailed…

I had to kinda hide my grin… I wasn’t mad, I never get mad at school results.  You see, I want my kids to do great at school, but I value their mental health first and foremost.  But this was obviously affecting him so badly he was a mess.

I knew he needed help – help I couldn’t give him.  I have TRIED sooo hard on many occasions to teach my kids maths.  I love math – it is so logical.  But knowing how to do maths in your head, and actually having to explain it to a child is a whole other thing……  Plus I have zero patience….  Yes, I have lost my shit trying to teach my kids math.  Guilty.

He just needed a bit of help to get him back up to speed.  He understood most of the concepts of maths, just not how to put it together as a whole. Not only would this be good for his school grades, most of all, it will give him confidence.

I needed outside help, someone who would be patient, but firm.  It had to be online (because I live rurally – I can’t expect someone to tackle my driveway to get here).  They had to be reputable and stick to the syllabus… but most of all, they have to be kind.

Cluey Learning | Stay at Home Mum

Where I Found the Perfect Person To Help Him

I approached Cluey Learning.  It had amazing reviews online and really focused on matching the right tutor to the right child.  And I’m not being precious about ‘My Kid’, but he really does need someone that understands ASD, his learning style and how to get the best out of him.  They really understand the pressure that is on kids to try and keep up with the rest of the class. Plus it is one-on-one.  Other tutoring services in the past we have used had multiple students at the same time, and that didn’t work for us…. We needed that personalisation. We also wanted that privacy that one-on-one tutoring offers as my son is really shy with people he doesn’t know.

All Cluey Learning’s tutors are qualified and have a track record of helping their students to achieve their learning goals.  The tutors aren’t just superbly qualified, they also offer a holistic view of the student’s progress so the students know exactly what has been covered, what requires revision and what will be covered in the next lesson.

How My Son’s First Lesson Went

Before the lesson, Cluey called me to find about my son, his strengths, his weaknesses, his personality.  What makes him tick.  They did this to ensure they matched him to the perfect Tutor for him.  The fact he was on the spectrum was no problem at all.

We were matched with a lovely fellow called Dale.  He was patient and encouraging, but most importantly, he pushed his limits (in a good way!).  When my son blitzed through the first part, he automatically stepped up the lesson to find out where the problem lay.  Then he went through it via a ‘Learning by Play’ manner.  My son loves maps and treasure hunts – and Dale used this way to make the learning fun.  As he finished his lesson early, Dale then asked him about other problems he was having with Maths, and he went through them, things like Fractions (urghhhh) and Times Tables.

My Take on the Lesson

I love how they fitted the perfect Tutor to my son, I loved the interactiveness and the positivity.  My son didn’t feel ‘defeated’ at the end of the lesson, he felt ’empowered’.  I even learned a thing or two (it has been a long long time since I’ve done fractions!).

The one-on-one learning is such a good fit for us, we aren’t waiting for other kids to finish or for the teacher to ‘come back’ after they have finished with someone else.

Cluey Learning | Stay at Home Mum

About Cluey

Cluey offer one-on-one online tutoring for kids aged from 8-18 in grades 3-12.

They don’t just Tutor for Maths….they also cover English and Chemistry.

My son’s biggest maths challenge was statistics and probability.  Gah I remember having trouble with that myself at school!  It can be really tough to get your head around it all. So when I go onto the Cluey website, I chose the state we are in (Queensland), and then what subject we are having trouble in (Maths), then what aspect of Math is the trouble – and Statistics is right there!  Best thing is – they tell you how many lessons that program will take – so for my son, it says that on average it will take 4 – 8 sessions to get him up to speed on that topic!

I like that as I know there are goals in mind that they can work towards.  This also makes it affordable for parents that can’t afford ongoing tutoring fees, but they can concentrate on a particular problem, and know exactly what they will be in for.

Cluey | Stay at Home Mum

They Scheduled Lessons That Worked for Me

Another thing I really liked is that they would work around my schedule…. I’m a busy Mum, like all of you are.  I need the lesson to work around karate, my work, music lessons etc.  And they do that.  Phew.

My Son Came Home Crying His Eyes Out

'My kids want to do it': How live, online tutoring changed Justine's family for the better.


Justine Whitfield was a typical Sydney mum with not enough hours in her day, rushing around while taking her kids to multiple after-school activities.

When something had to give, she made a decision to make things easier, replacing her in-person tutoring sessions with a live, online version which sees her kids log in from home to interact with their tutor.

The benefits, she says, made a huge difference to her busy weeknights.

"I work full time as a therapist and I have three kids; Tiahna, Joel and Hallie," Justine tells Mamamia.

"Life is busy, just as it is in every family, but I found that our weekday afternoons especially were a lot, with me rushing from work and then driving everyone around to their activities.

"As parents, you want to give your kids all the opportunities, but I knew something had to give."

A year ago, with Tiahna in Year 10, Joel in Year 8, and Hallie in Year 5, Justine realised there could be a better way to give her kids access to after-school tutoring without compromising on the quality of the educational support all three needed.

"Tiahna was preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh awards, so had all these extra commitments. But then, she also needed some support with school," Justine explains.

"Joel needed help with English and Maths, especially with his transition to high school. And Hallie wanted support in NAPLAN prep.

"Of course, you’re happy to put in the time to schedule it all… but with the tutoring especially, I found myself driving up to 45 minutes away, then waiting in the car for another 40, then driving all the way back again.

"I’ll admit, as a working mum, I found doing that difficult."

There was something else not quite right with the tutoring Justine had organised.

"It wasn’t always easy to find the best fit for us," she says.

"Some of the tutors weren’t in the school system anymore, so they weren’t familiar with the curriculum. We even found some of what the kids were learning with their tutors actually conflicted with what they were learning in class, too, which was difficult."

In addition to learning content, Justine really struggled to find tutors she liked for her children, or tutors in her local area that matched her kids’ personalities. That’s when she trialled online tutoring with Cluey Learning, which offers tutoring for years 2 to 12.

Once she made the decision to enrol all three with Cluey, Justine says they never looked back.

"Doing tutoring from the comfort of our home – I can’t tell you how much that changed life, for both me and the kids.

"It’s so much more relaxed, they can do their sessions and I get on with my stuff.

"The weekday evenings don’t feel as intense anymore, it’s great."

Justine feels that the Cluey system itself has been a game-changer because of its flexibility, enhanced capabilities and because she’s no longer limited to the smaller pool of tutors in her local area.

"Because the sessions are online, they can be recorded – so the kids can re-watch them," she shares.

"They’ve worked hard to find the right fit for each kid, too, and that means a lot, because the most important thing is that the kids enjoy it – they want to do it.

"Hallie is also part of a group session with Cluey; she knows everyone in the little group, and really looks forward to it.

"The group sessions are a little cheaper, too."

Which raises the point; how does Justine budget for online tutoring?

"To me, you can’t put a price on kids’ happiness," she tells us. "For example, Joel had lost confidence in himself at school before Cluey; he’s now very positive, he knows he has come a long way and how to get help when he needs it. We budget for it because it’s so worth it."

Justine says she also loves that Cluey gives her regular feedback reports, so she can see her children’s progress and evaluate their ongoing needs.

But more than anything, it’s the freedom that Justine enjoys the most.

"Doing this online, it’s given us flexibility that we didn’t have running around everywhere for tutors," she says. "It’s one of the best choices we’ve made for everyone."

Cluey Learning - we review their maths tutoring for kids

Whether your child is struggling to keep up at school, or motoring ahead and needs extra stimulation, tutoring is something many parents consider.

As it’s such unchartered waters for most, we recently put Cluey Learning to the test, to find out what’s involved in tutoring for kids and whether the benefits really stack up.

What is Cluey Learning?

Cluey Learning is a national tutoring service, providing tailored tutoring sessions in Maths, English and Chemistry. The sessions are for students Years 2–12, are mapped to the Australian school syllabus, and they are held online and in real-time.

Our experience with Cluey Learning

The first thing I noticed was that, when we enrolled, Cluey took the time to not only find out my daughter’s academic level, but also her likes/dislikes and a bit about her personality. This was to hand-pick the right tutor for her; finding someone who she would best respond to. This was a very pleasant surprise as, being an online program, I wasn’t expecting such a personalised approach.

You are then set up with a login to access the learning portal where you’ll find session times, any lesson feedback and tutor notes, as well as any practice questions to complete between sessions. There is an easy-to-use booking calendar where you can change your session times if you need to.

All surprisingly simple so far!

When it comes time for your first session, you jump into the portal, follow the session link to the video call and your tutor will be on the screen – right on time. Being online, I was a bit worried about technical issues but we had absolutely no problems and it was super easy to login and get started.

The tutor and student chat via webcam, they also have a shared whiteboard to write and draw on. So, there really wasn’t much difference between this and a face-to-face session.

After the 40-minute session is complete, session feedback from the tutor will appear in the portal. Your child can also leave feedback about the session at this point – to say whether they enjoyed the session and why.

The tutors

Cluey’s website states that their tutors ‘include top ATAR achievers and teachers who really know how to help you understand the concepts you struggle with or help you advance to the next level’. Our tutor, Lisa, definitely ticked all those boxes and more! She connected well with my daughter, and had all the patience required to explain difficult things to a frustrated eight-year old. We tested the Year 3 Maths program, and in the first session Lisa managed to successfully convey maths concepts that have constantly baffled my daughter before, showing her different ways to approach things so she could really understand.

The positives

Being online was one of the first major benefits for us. You just pick an available time and the tutoring happens without having to bundle all the kids in the car, or sit and wait whilst she has the session. Whilst your child is tutoring on the laptop, you can get on with looking after the other kids, getting dinner ready, sorting the laundry… and all that other fun stuff we get to do as parents. It’s such a simple thing, but makes the huge difference in a busy day.

Despite being online, it is still really personal, and for the students, being one-on-one with someone really works. There’s no pressure to get it right or wrong, no classmates or other kids there to judge – just a child and a hand-picked tutor. Rather than Lisa being just another teacher, she was young and fun, which really seemed to help her to connect with my daughter. This connection meant Lisa was able to get her to calmly work through things that we’ve tried many times before and just got frustration and tantrums.

It’s the first time that we’ve come away from anything maths related and my daughter has said it was fun. In fact, she couldn’t wait until the next session, getting stuck into her practice questions and asking for more. That was uh-mazing!

The academic progress from the sessions with Cluey Learning was also noticeable, even in just a few sessions she had a better understanding of the subjects. Yet, beyond the academic growth, one of the bigger benefits we found was that it shifted her opinion on maths. No longer was it something to get frustrated at, or something to avoid. Instead, she was asking questions, she was testing out things she’d learnt without getting angry, and starting to enjoy learning once more.

That - for us - was the biggest win.

The negatives

There really aren’t any notable negatives about the program! You need a functioning computer with webcam and microphone and a reasonable internet connection. Most people nowadays have access to this at home, but it’s something to bear in mind, particularly if your network is slow.

At $45 for years 2-6 and $80 for years 7-12, it’s at about the same price point as most group tuition programs, so for one-on-one tutoring it’s a good deal. Plus, Cluey do offer packages and sometimes discounts on your first session - dependent on what deals they have on at that time.

Cluey Learning – online tutoring for years 2-12

Louise recently trialled Cluey Learning online tutoring to for her daughter Laura. They were both very happy with the experience, they sent out this review…

At Cluey Learning, personalisation means that they understand your child’s learning goals and needs, and provide the right help at the right time by combining focused, quality tutoring with structured content aligned to the school syllabus.

All sessions are 100% online and take place in a virtual learning platform, which means your child and the tutor work together at a time and place that suits your child’s daily schedule. There’s no need to be driving your child anywhere and no need for you to even be at home whilst they run the sessions. The tutor is hand picked to suit your child’s personality and needs, and my daughter loved her tutor and felt really comfortable with her. At school my daughter isn’t confident in asking questions in front of her friends and peers, but she is totally comfortable in front of her own computer asking the tutor questions.

Your child’s learning journey is delivered through live face-to-face sessions with their tutor covering all the theory and examples that they need. Your child also gets personalised feedback at the end of every session to track their progress. To help master concepts, the tutor may assign targeted practice questions between sessions that you review together in the following session.

For my daughter, tutoring with Cluey Learning not only helps her achieve her academic goals, but it has also increased her confidence in how to learn and what she is capable of.

If you would like to see what happens in your child’s sessions, you can watch the sessions too as every session is videoed and then sent as clips to review.

As the tutoring is all online it is a win for the children who love working online and a win for the parents in saving time, effort and money on group or private tutoring. Cluey Learning is online tutoring for years 2-12.


Tully just completed first grade last year and for a lot of kindy and year 1 she was a bit behind the other kids in reading. She was doing ok, but it just felt like it hadn’t ‘clicked’ for her yet. She was struggling with reading with expression and sometimes she took so long to read a paragraph that she didn’t really absorb what had happened in the story, which made comprehension a bit of a struggle sometimes.

It felt like she finally clicked about August last year, after we got back from an overseas holiday. She was finally reading more fluently, with more understanding. However, she still needed a bit more work to catch up. So when Cluey Learning asked me if Tully wanted to try out two of their tutoring sessions, of course I said yes!

Cluey Learning – How It Works

Cluey Learning combines online tutoring with a personal tutoring service. The student communicates with their tutor via video chat while they complete their work on their shared digital whiteboard. All their tutors are personally matched to the student’s personality and needs. All tutors are highly qualified. They are either teachers, training to be teachers or high ATAR achievers. They all have WWC checks and they combine your state’s curriculum with your child’s needs and their own experience.

Cluey Learning provides tutoring for children from year 2-12 in English, Maths and Chemistry. Their content is mapped to the Australian National Curriculum and considers state-by-state variations.

Cluey Learning – Tutoring Tully

As Tully finished school at the start of December last year, she had plenty of time to do a bit of extra learning. Before our sessions I completed a Q&A about her, to help Cluey pick the best tutor for her. Tully really responds to teaching by younger female teachers so that’s who she was matched with. Tully was matched with Lisa, who has Bachelor of Education Primary 2018, from Curtin University.

Before our first session Cluey Learning sent us a link to do a tech check to make sure the session would run smoothly. Tully logged on and met Lisa, who then did a series of activities with Tully to see where she was up to and what she needed help with. She checked her reading level and they looked at different nouns and how they worked in sentence structure.

The activities were a combination of reading out loud, answering comprehension questions and doing drag and drop and typing activities on the virtual whiteboard.

What Tully thought

“It was really fun. I really liked the activities where we got to sort out the nouns. I didn’t know nouns were feelings too.”

What I thought

I really liked the ease, the simplicity and the fact I didn’t have to go anywhere. I found that I did need to help Tully a bit but that’s because she’s not that good with the laptop yet and I didn’t realise we needed a mouse. She hasn’t really mastered the track pad yet. I did get to step away a bit though and I thought Lisa was great. She was very patient and really wanted Tully to work things out for herself. It made me realise that when I’m helping her, I often just give her the answer and that I should let he take more time to work it out for herself. Having a person, rather than just a computer program, made it feel a bit more like someone was monitoring the program and was tailoring it specifically to Tully’s needs.

What does it cost?

Sessions run for 45 minutes to an hour depending on the age, and cost $45 for years 2-6 and $80 for 7-12.


After a LOOONG Summer vacay, it’s #backtoschool time – whoop! You did it mama! School bags are out (here’s hoping there are no mouldy sandwiches festering in the bottom), uniforms and shoes are ready, books are stacked and the Click and Collect order is in, ready to OWN the school lunch prep. You got this!

Back to school also means HOMEWORK, and if you’re already freaking out at the thought of fighting over English and Maths probs with your bae, we have the solution. We recently came across online tutoring and are absolutely CONVERTS.

The online tutoring guys we tested out are called Cluey Learning, offering tutoring for kids as young as Year 2 right through to grown up babes in Year 12, and English and Maths are totally their jam... they can also help out with Chemistry in Years 9-12 and NAPLAN prep for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

If your child needs a helping hand, or you simply want them to get ahead, these guys are GODS, making the whole tutoring experience super easy for you, super friendly and fun for your kids, and giving you control over time schedules. They really are a game changer – now we have tried them we wish we had done it sooner!

You don’t even need to be worried about finding a good tutor as these peeps have heaps who will be matched with the learning style of your child. Cluey only work with vetted leading teachers in their fields with top notch ATAR results giving you absolute peace of mind.



Cluey has been developed with the student in mind, which is ah-mazing because we know that not all kids thrive in the school environment… and the last thing any mama wants is for their bambino to be left behind and feel sh*t about it. Cluey’s in-house education team caters to individualised learning and maps out content based on the Australian National Curriculum, making adjustments according to each state, so your little one is learning EXACTLY what they need to know.


Cluey is designed to adapt to your child’s learning level and suit what their needs are – whether they just need to catch up, need to build confidence when starting at a new school or going into a new grade, or they want to kick ass and excel. We love that it’s a complete learning program that builds on their skills and knowledge step-by-step.


If your bambino needs a little extra attention, you can make the most of a one-on-one tutor, or perhaps they thrive in a small group environment, in which case you can join one of their tutoring groups with up to four other kids.


Once you’ve registered for the program, you have a chat with a member of the Cluey team to discuss your child’s personality, areas of focus and their goals. They will then use that info to match them with the perfect tutor. AND because Cluey only hires the brightest minds – teachers and uni students with top notch ATAR results – you know they’re in great hands… so mama can relax!


The Cluey platform is solely online and works on most computers with a mic and webcam, so there’s no need to download any fancy software… #winning! If you’re a technophobe, they’ll take you through a Tech Check to make sure everything is working – and so parents are up to speed (unlike our tech babes who can pretty much operate anything they sit down to!)


The platform is fully interactive and shared in real time and at the end of each sesh, there is a quick review where the tutor and the student recap and share any feedback. These goals and feedback are then sent to the parent, so you’re kept in the loop. And because the sessions are recorded, you and your mini can jump into the portal and recap any session if you need a refresher.

Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. Motherhood just got easier. YASSSSSS!

Take your child's learning to the next level with Cluey Learning

Whether your child is falling behind or excelling, Cluey Learning can maximise your child’s education with personalised, interactive tutoring sessions.

Cluey is an online education company specialising in English, Maths and Chemistry tutoring programs for school students in Years 2–12. Cluey’s in-house education team compiles all lesson material, which is aligned to the Australian National Curriculum.

All sessions are face-to-face and take place online between 7 am and 10 pm via Cluey’s virtual learning platform, which means you can work the lessons around your child’s schedule from the comfort of home. Personalised learning is at the heart of Cluey, as they recognise that all students learn in different ways.

Cluey caters to all budgets with private one-to-one and small group sessions that maximise individual attention, which your child might not get at school or at an out-of-school centre.

In contrast to your typical in-home tutor, Cluey’s tutors go through extensive training, ensuring that each of their students receives the best tuition possible. Cluey is extremely selective in their recruiting of tutors, hiring only experienced educators and university students with exceptional ATAR results. All tutors are vetted and have Working with Children Checks to ensure a safe experience for all students.

Here’s what a session looks like:

Watch this video to find out how Cluey is changing the Australian school tutoring landscape for the better.

Here’s how you can get started with Cluey:

Cluey Learning Review. Australian Online Tutoring Service for Students Makes Learning Convenient and Easy. Get 30% Off!

School teachers at all year levels do a wonderful job when it comes to educating our kids. Regardless, it's quite normal and common for students to experience some difficulties with their individual learning from time to time, especially when it comes to understanding fundamental concepts and theories in any given subject. Without prompt intervention, a student may find themselves lagging behind their peers at school. This can lead to low self esteem and an apparent disinterest in learning altogether, plus a whole host of other issues down the track.

No matter where your child ranks academically, have you ever considered the benefits of a tutor to assist your child with their studies?

Tutors are experts in one-on-one learning and can help your child to overcome any learning hurdles they may face. Any student can benefit from tutoring too, not just those facing challenges. Personal tutoring can put students ahead in their studies, which may assist them to earn prized scholarships or succeed in the future to reach their goals. Every student can benefit from a personal tutor.

Cluey Learning is a Sydney-based online tutoring service designed for Australian school students. Cluey Learning offer highly professional tutors who are skilled at teaching kids. Sessions are tailored to each individual student's needs and are mapped to the Australian school syllabus for students in years 2-12.

Tutors at Cluey Learning are a selection of highly-screened, hand-picked teachers and top ATAR score achievers. A highly skilled professional tutor will be assigned by Cluey Learning to fulfill the needs of every student. Tutors specialise in English (years 2-12), Mathematics (years 2-12) and Chemistry (years 11-12). Sessions are structured to build on previous lessons in a logical and progressive way that works with each student's skills and needs. Worth noting too - all Cluey Learning tutors work within the framework of the Australian school syllabus and its State variations. They also cover NAPLAN preparation for years 3,5,7 and 9.

When Cluey Learning approached us to try out their online tutoring service, we were only too pleased to accept their generous offer. We've never used a tutor before with any of our kids. We discussed the proposal with our 13 year old son who was quite keen to hone in on some of his own personal learning hurdles in English.

In order to get the ball rolling on our son's tutoring sessions, Cluey Learning gave us a call and asked us about our child's specific learning needs. These were a series of simple questions regarding his year level, subject of choice, (he chose tutoring in English) and a few other general basics. He was given the option of a male or female tutor too. (Our son chose a male tutor.)

From here there was no need to do anything further as Cluey Learning took care of the rest.

Online lessons with Cluey Learning are a simple setup. Our son (Ruben), was assigned a professional tutor to assist him with his learning requirements. A day and session time was organised during our initial discussion on the phone. Our son was then emailed a direct link which would give him exclusive and instant online access to his regular tutor, on the agreed day and time of his ongoing lessons. (Saturdays at 11am.) Prior to his first lesson, Cluey Learning assisted Ruben to set up his internet portal and it was all quite easy from there.

Ruben's first tutoring session began with a meet and greet with his online tutor, who carefully navigated through our son's academic strengths and weaknesses to identify the focus, level and direction of his specific learning needs.

As soon as this was sorted, his tutor launched straight into a detailed and relevant refresher on grammar, punctuation and comprehension, the whole time, working with Ruben at his level - that of a 13 year old boy.

I personally listened in on each tutoring session and was highly impressed with the teaching skills of his tutor. He was extremely well educated, well spoken and very knowledgeable in English as a subject. Ruben was likewise, engaged and involved during each session which was great to see.

Shared texts which appear online are typically used to promote discussion and concrete learning examples. In our son's first session, he was asked to analyse the grammar and punctuation of Anh Do's 'The Happiest Refugee.' His comprehension was also guided via a systematic dissection of the supplied text. The Cluey Learning software allows for this valuable exchange to occur.

After each tutoring lesson, Cluey Learning provide a detailed report of all that is covered during the most recent session. This is emailed to parents around 24 hours post-session.

We found this report very helpful as we could see the excellent skills and knowledge being progressively passed along during each of these one-on-one sessions with our son. Additionally, students and parents can see a full history of each tutoring session simply by logging into their account on the Cluey Learning website.

We have found the online tutoring services provided by Cluey Learning to be absolutely exceptional! Our son reports that he feels much more confident in the subject of English since he began his lessons. Ruben found the one-on-one sessions enjoyable and with no distractions, (such as those found within a typical classroom), he has absorbed so much more information via this method of learning.

We highly recommend Cluey Learning and would not hesitate to use this service again in the future for any of our children.

Please visit the Cluey Learning website to learn more regarding fees and services. Setting up a tutor for your child is quick and easy and the pay-off is priceless. Cluey Learning conveniently provides online tutoring 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm.

Cluey Learning Online Tutoring Review

The internet, when used responsibly and judiciously, is a wonderful resource for kids and can be both educational and fun. Now, it can also be used for one-on-one and small group tutoring through Cluey Learning, an online tutoring company that supports students between the grades of two to twelve.

If your child didn’t get the report card they were wanting or expecting, Cluey Learning offers tutoring sessions during the school term and right throughout the holidays to help your child catch up on work they may have missed this year, or to give them a headstart on next year’s curriculum.

The daughter of one of our Brisbane Kids’ writers was invited to trial this online tutoring service, completing two online sessions with a tutor in the area of grade 8/9 English. Here’s what she found...

How does the Cluey Learning tutoring system work?

1/ Phone call to discuss your needs/aims

The first step to setting up your child’s online tutoring is to phone Cluey Learning to discuss your child’s tutoring needs (or register your interest via their website and they’ll phone you), as well as discuss your child’s disposition so that they can best match a tutor to your student’s personality and subject area.

2/ Matching a tutor to your child

My daughter wanted to specifically work on spelling, grammar, and punctuation; something she had always found challenging at school, despite otherwise achieving well in English. After going through these details over the phone with Cluey Learning, we were matched with a tutor named Joanne; a teacher with considerable experience in the classroom and private tutoring.

3/ Login details & scheduling

An email was sent to us before the session with our online account details – this is where you can schedule and review sessions, as well as access progress reports and invoices, by using a username and password to log in.

I was relieved to find that we didn’t need any special software or downloads for the Cluey Learning tutoring sessions – just a laptop or computer with an internet connection, audio, and a webcam (which is usually in-built these days). Cluey provide an email with a link to each online session, which is always in real-time and 100% interactive.

4/ Online tutoring session

At our allocated time, we clicked on the link and found Joanne ready and waiting for us. At first, I hovered around the computer, unsure whether I was needed, but it really wasn’t necessary – my daughter and the tutor dived straight in and were hard at work for the next 60 minutes. They began by setting goals for the session. My daughter wanted to work on commonly misspelt words, like stationery vs stationary or desert vs dessert. Joanne was able to immediately bring up a spelling diagnosis to assess where my daughter was going wrong, and then show her strategies and techniques to help her get it right next time.

Both my daughter and her tutor could see and hear one another (similar to Skyping), and they could both use an interactive whiteboard for the spelling tests and other activities. I noticed that Joanne was very encouraging and amiable, and chatted to my daughter about her favourite books and authors, as well as getting into the nitty-gritty of English tutelage.

What we liked about the Cluey Learning tutoring sessions

The online tutoring format is incredibly convenient – you can schedule sessions anytime between 7 am and 10 pm, seven days per week. That means you can fit it in before or after school, or around other activities in the holidays. I loved that I didn’t lose time driving to and from a session, and I didn’t have to drag my younger children along! While my daughter was having her session, I was able to do some jobs around the house, which was a much better use of my time, compared to sitting in a waiting room or carpark.

We also liked the fact that there was no formal assessment required before beginning with Cluey Learning. Instead, the tutor uses a continuous assessment approach by asking questions and conducting a few exercises to determine where my child was at in each area and then personalised the learning plan and tutoring sessions specifically to her needs.

As a parent, I really appreciated that I was emailed feedback from the tutor afterwards so that I was kept up-to-date on what they had been working on in that particular session. My daughter was also given the opportunity at the end of the session to share her feedback, which I’ve included below.

Tutor feedback

The student read a passage fluently and answered comprehension questions well. We looked at new vocabulary from the passage and discussed meanings. She identified words in the passage that would be spelling challenges for her. I explained a relevant spelling rule and she successfully put it into practice. I also demonstrated some spelling pattern/colour strategies that she found helpful. The student plans to try them out with a list of words with double middle consonants and report back to me. We looked at commonly confused words and she learned some tips for remembering the differences. She then correctly completed a practice exercise and wrote some sentences using the words. In coming sessions, she would like me to cover spelling rules with her. We will also work on sentence variety. She demonstrates a motivated and diligent attitude towards her learning.

Student feedback

I chose this emoji because the session really helped me to learn about spelling rules and helped me identify the areas of spelling that I need the most help in.

Challenges with Cluey Learning online tutoring

You really need a reliable WiFi connection for the session to run effectively. For the first session, we had to move from my daughter’s bedroom to our home office, as there was a bit of a delay in the sound. However, once she was seated closer to the modem, the connection was much better, which made for a more seamless session.

To make a booking, or to find out more about Cluey Learning and how they can assist your child, please visit www.clueylearning.com.au.

Brisbane Kids thanks Cluey Learning for providing our writer and her daughter with online tutoring sessions for the purpose of a review. Costs were covered. All the opinions stated in this review are true, honest, and genuine, with the sole aim of providing enough information for parents to make an informed decision about utilising this online service with their children.

Parents shift children to online tutoring after school amid coronavirus

After schools were forced to rapidly adapt to online learning when coronavirus hit earlier this year, parents and students also went online for extra help.

Online tutoring services have received strong increases in enrollments since March, with parents concerned their children would fall behind while doing school work at home.

Elizabeth Hickey said she had sought out online tutoring for her sons, Anthony, who is in year 6, and Freddie, in year 8, at the beginning of the year.

"It wasn't necessarily because of COVID[-19], but it has been a benefit because they've been able to get that extra one-to-one tuition without any face-to-face, and get supported to do their maths. And we're actually just about to take up English," Mrs Hickey said.

Mrs Hickey said Freddie and Anthony had both seen improvements in their maths work following online tutoring sessions through Cluey Learning.

"Working from home actually gave me a lot of benefits because I didn't have to deal with unreasonable sounds around me, people talking. The tutoring helped me get on with my maths, so it was really helpful," Anthony Hickey said.

Mrs Hickey, who lives in Charnwood, said online sessions fit around other family commitments.

Cluey Learning chief education officer Dr Selina Samuels said the company had seen a 30 per cent spike in enrollments in March and April, when schools first switched to remote learning. A lot of interest had come from senior students.

"Over 50 per cent of the senior students [we surveyed] were looking for or already using additional support, like online tutoring, particularly because they feel that, in learning from home, they've really missed the one-to-one connection with their teachers," Dr Samuels said.

Dr Samuels said the shift to online school learning earlier this year had flowed through to tutoring.

"There has been a consistent recognition of the benefits of online tutoring as opposed to in-person tutoring," she said.

Professor Karen Dooley, a researcher at the Queensland University of Technology's education faculty, said families sought out tutoring support for their children for a variety of reasons, from providing extra help to extending academic performance.

She said while there was limited research available on tutoring's impact, education experts agreed there had been an increase in home tutoring services in the past 20 years.

"One of the interpretations that is quite widely accepted is that the relationship between the family, the school and the nation has changed within the last couple of decades," Professor Dooley said.

"And there's a stronger shifting of responsibility to families for the outcomes of their children, and expectations of more intensive parental involvement in a child's education. That's quite different from, say, the middle of last century."

Professor Dooley, who was running a research project on tutoring before coronavirus disrupted the school year, said the forced introduction of digital education services during the pandemic could see long-lasting changes to tutoring.

"And I think that is talking to a big issue for the entire education system, from the early years to university and from the formal institutions as well as the providers of tutoring, that this is perhaps one of those moments where understanding of possibilities change because we were thrown into a situation where we had to do certain things," she said.

In June, the Grattan Institute called on the federal government to launch a $1 billion six-month tutoring program, saying it could help close the existing gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students.