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Powering Potential

More than online tutoring.
This is real learning.

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We design learning plans that are targeted to each student's needs.

Every student has individual learning needs.
We get an understanding of your personal aspirations, achievements, capabilities and motivations, so we can help you to focus on what matters.
Each student deserves individual attention.
That’s why we ensure every Cluey student is matched with a personal Tutor for expert guidance and ongoing support.
Learning shouldn’t be a mystery.
We enable students to understand their performance and progress, because the best learning plans require robust data and evidence.

What does that mean for you?

Confidence and Motivation

supporting self-belief
and commitment


Personal Mastery

reflected in school results and achievements



by optimising time and effort so you can achieve more


We augment everyday schooling to boost your academic performance. And it all happens online.

Adaptive plans, expert support

Cluey’s learning plans are created and adapted to meet the changing needs of each individual student. They are delivered online with continual support from a personal and highly skilled Tutor.

Course Plan

Content that matters

Cluey’s comprehensive learning content is mapped to the local curriculum. Our Tutors and technology identify knowledge gaps, customise the content and its delivery, and ensure that each student advances with confidence.

Real expertise, real insight

All Cluey learning is designed by our full time Faculty experts under the guidance of our Education Advisory Board. Our systems measure every learning interaction to drive continuous improvement.

Platform for learning

It all happens online. Our technology is built for online collaboration, with an adaptive learning engine that continually evaluates and responds to student performance.
Cluey’s platform and services are delivered online, available anywhere, any time.
Students and Tutors work together in their shared workspace, connected by real time video and audio.
We analyse what and how students learn, to make sure each learning plan meets the needs of the student.
simple and focused
We’ve removed the distractions so students and Tutors can focus on their learning.
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