How it works

Private tutors deliver online learning programs that adapt to each student’s needs.

We bring everything together to unlock each student's potential.

Learning content aligned to the syllabus and available on the learning platform.

Students and their parents know exactly how they are progressing.

Your personal plan that continually adapts as you learn, progress and achieve.

Students are matched to a private tutor to guide them through their learning program.

The shared workspace where students work online with their tutors.

How does online tutoring at Cluey work?

We design your learning program based on your needs.

You know what you need help with or we work it out together.


Your custom learning program and all the content you need is available on the online Cluey learning platform.


All content is aligned with the school syllabus to ensure it supports your academic achievement.

You begin your first learning session with your personal tutor.

We match you with an expert private tutor.


Your tutor supports and guides you through every learning session online.


Book as few or as many sessions with your tutor as you need.

We adapt your learning program based on your progress and goals.

Your tutor provides feedback during and after each online learning session.


Our adaptive technology provides the insights to help you focus on what matters most.


Your learning program adapts to your needs and you progress at your own pace.

We help you continually improve and get the results you're looking for.

We help you understand what’s possible and work together to help you get there.


As you progress, you achieve better results and your confidence improves.


You complete your learning program and have the option to progress to the next one.

Find a Learning Program

Our learning programs cover Maths, English & Chemistry.


Sessions are $77 (incl. GST).

You can get started for only $38.50 (incl. GST) with no obligation to continue.

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