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Personalised online tutoring to reach your goals
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Hand picked tutors matched to your specific needs

Each Cluey tutor we employ is hand picked through our thorough screening and interview process and supported with best-practice training to provide you with consistent high quality teaching. They include top ATAR achievers and teachers who really know how to help you understand the concepts you struggle with or help you advance to the next level.


We spend the time to understand your needs, whether that’s to catch up or get ahead, before matching you to the right tutor to support your learning journey.

Cluey Learnings Expert Tutors
Cluey Learnings Expert Tutor Josh

Quality learning material designed by our expert Education Faculty

Karen McDaid
Head of Mathematics
Brenton Boswell
Head of English
Dr Voss Gibson
Head of Chemistry

We provide all the content you need for each tutoring session, organised into a learning program that’s structured so that each concept we cover builds on the next. It’s personalised to your needs and goals and adapts over time as we understand where you need help.


All our learning content and supporting material is written, curated and quality checked by our expert education team. Each section has been designed to complement what you cover in class, including state-by-state variations.


Learning programs cover:
  • English – Years 3-12
  • Maths – Years 3-12
  • Chemistry – Years 11-12
Learning programs include:
  • Theory
  • Worked examples
  • Practice questions
  • Exam preparation

Our approach personalises your learning to ensure you get the right help at the right time

At Cluey, personalisation means understanding your learning goals and needs and providing the right help at the right time by combining focused, quality tutoring with structured content aligned to your school syllabus.


All sessions are 100% online and take place in our virtual learning platform, which means you and your personal tutor work together at a time and place that suits your daily schedule.

We use technology to personalise your learning

Tutor session

Learn in our secure online platform

Feedback reports

You get a report at the end of every session

Practice Questions

Access practice questions targeted to you

Video replays

Review and revise your learning at any time

Tutor session

Learn in our secure online platform

Cluey Online Classroom
  1. Easily access our online platform from anywhere, directly in your web browser.
  1. Our platform supports live, real-time video so you can see your personal tutor and talk face-to-face with each other to receive the focused attention you’re after.
  1. Your learning program contains content that is sequenced to ensure each concept builds the right foundation for the next one. With the help of our learning engine and your personal tutor, we adapt your program so it’s always personalised to your needs and pace of your learning.
  1. We provide a virtual whiteboard where you and your tutor can work through theory and examples. You also have the option to upload your homework or assignments and get help with those.

Feedback reports

You get a report at the end of every session

Cluey Feedback Reports
  1. Using the data we collect, along with your tutor’s insights, we provide you with a comprehensive report at the end of each learning session.
  1. Each report outlines the goals for the session along with tutor comments about how you’re progressing and what the next steps are.
  1. Your rating and feedback of the session is also shown in the report. This is useful for parents to see what you thought of your session experience. This feedback is also valuable for your tutor as it improves how they can help you.

Practice questions

Access practice questions targeted to you

Cluey Practice Questions
  1. Between sessions your tutor may assign practice questions targeted to address your learning needs.
  1. Your answers are made available to your tutor for review so you can both work through any gaps in your understanding during your next session.

Video replays

Review and revise your learning at any time

Cluey Video Replays
  1. Each online session you have with your tutor is recorded and made available for you (on request) to watch at any time. This is useful for you to revise and consolidate what you have learned in sessions.
  1. Our education team also review these videos to ensure our tutors are complying with our high standards.

How Cluey’s approach works for you

Your Expert Online Tutor

Once you enrol, we’ll match you to an expert online tutor

We spend time understanding your specific needs and preferences to help us match you to a Cluey tutor that is just right for you.

Cluey learning programs content

We design a learning program that provides structured content personalised to you

Our quality content is structured into a learning program that’s personalised for you. We do this by understanding what you’re learning at school and the areas you need help in. Your tutor, with the help of our learning engine, regularly adapts this content to ensure you get the right support matched to your learning pace.


Weekly learning through live tutoring sessions, feedback & practice

Your learning journey is delivered through a series of live face-to-face sessions with your tutor covering all the theory and examples you need. You also get personalised feedback at the end of every session to track your progress. To help you master concepts, your tutor may assign targeted practice questions between sessions that you review together in the following session.

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Stay on track, fill your knowledge gaps, build confidence

Consistent learning with Cluey not only helps you achieve your academic goals, but also increases your confidence in how you learn and what you’re capable of. Cluey gives you individualised attention to work through concepts you might not grasp at school.

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