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Education at Cluey

Our programs are designed and developed by education experts.

The Cluey education team

Our education team

Our team of experienced educators are responsible for the quality of every learning program, including content and tutor development.

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Cluey Expert

Dr Selina Samuels

Chief Learning Officer

BA (Hons), LLB, PhD, MEd

With a core focus on implementing educational best practice and driving innovation, Selina is responsible for the overall leadership of our education team. She has previously held roles as Head of English and Head of Academic Programs at Ascham School, as well as Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania.

As our head of learning, thankfully Selina has all her faculties intact.

Cluey Expert

Karen McDaid

Head of Department, Mathematics

BEd, MEd

As head of our Mathematics department, Karen oversees all programs across K-12 Maths. Karen has previously lectured in Mathematics in the Department of Education at the University of Western Sydney. She is also President of the NSW Mathematics Association.

Karen loves all sorts of mathematics, but graphing is where she draws the line.

Cluey Expert

Suzanne Walker

Lead Educator, Secondary Mathematics

BSc, G.DipEd

Suzanne is responsible for developing and overseeing the Mathematics programs for students in Years 7-12. Suzanne was the recipient of 'the Most Outstanding Student Teacher' award from UNSW, and has extensive experience teaching secondary Mathematics across all years and levels. She has also held roles as a lecturer at UNSW Global, a corporate trainer and as a software engineer.

Suzanne strives to make learning Mathematics as easy as π

Cluey Expert

Brenton Boswell

Head of Department, Secondary English

BA, LLB, G.Dip Ed, G.Dip Legal Studies

Brenton leads our Secondary English department and oversees the excellent Secondary English programs implemented for 7-12 students. He has previously held roles as Assistant Head of English at Newington College, Head of English at Kambala and Dean of English and Dean of Knowledge Systems at Trinity Grammar School.

Brenton can name all 37 Shakespeare plays in alphabetical order.

Cluey Expert

Rick Molineux

Head of Department, Primary English


Rick is responsible for leading our Primary English Department and developing and overseeing excellent Primary English programs of learning and tutoring across years 2-6. Previously, Rick taught across all primary levels, conducted professional development in primary English for teachers and was Head of Primary in a British international school.

Poor grammar makes Rick worry [sic].

Cluey Expert

Dr Voss Gibson

Head of Department, Chemistry

BSc, MSc, PhD

Voss leads our Science department and develops the Chemistry programs currently offered to senior students. He has previously held roles as a research scientist, secondary Chemistry teacher and Lecturer at UNSW Global.

Voss really does know the Periodic Table by heart.

Education Advisory Board

Providing oversight and governance

Our independent Education Advisory Board, originally chaired by Professor Ian Young and now chaired by Professor Garry Falloon, provides further oversight of our programs and pedagogy.

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Professor Chris Tisdell

Professor Chris Tisdell

Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Science and Director of the Scientia Education Academy, University of NSW and champion of digital education and STEM.

Professor Garry Falloon

Professor Garry Falloon

Associate Dean, International and Professor of STEM Education and Digital Learning in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University, former teacher and digital education innovator.

Professor Rosalind Dixon

Professor Rosalind Dixon

Professor of Law at UNSW, leading public and comparative law scholar, and passionate advocate for educational excellence, innovation and access.

Andrew Pierpoint

Andrew Pierpoint

President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association, experienced teacher, Head of Department and Principal, and champion of state education and school leaders, driven by values of social justice and equity.