As an education company, we provide students with the right help at the right time through expert online tutoring, carefully developed learning programs in English, Maths and Chemistry, and personalised content that's mapped to the Australian syllabus.


When is tutoring the best option?

As parents, we don’t always do a stellar job at teaching our own kids. Even if you’re a qualified teacher yourself, or if you have the forbearance to hold back and let them puzzle their way throug...


Overseas study opportunities

Avenues for overseas study have expanded greatly in recent years, and there are now various formats and programs that Australian students can explore.


20 reasons to get a tutor

The decision to pay for extra educational support is often based on a number of factors. Usually, students are struggling in one or more areas and could benefit from targeted help. Discover the most c...


Parent interview: Billie

To continue our series of interviews with real Cluey parents on the friction points around online learning, mum-of-two Billie discusses how tutoring has supplemented her homeschooling program.


Why attendance matters

Every student absence impacts achievement. Here’s how to identify at-risk students and intervene early.


What is Tutoring?

One-on-one? Online? Small groups? Learning centres? Here’s how to sift through the available offerings and find the right option for your child.


Parent interview: Alli

We recently conducted a series of interviews with real Cluey parents around their online learning experience. Were there any friction points when it came to interacting with an online tutor? Did techn...


How much screen time is too much?

As a modern society we spend more time looking at screens than ever before. With screens not going anywhere any time soon, how are all those pixels impacting us physically, emotionally, socially and m...


Analysing characters in English texts

Throughout your secondary English studies, you’ll read numerous novels and other texts. Knowing how to analyse key characters is a valuable skill for essay writing and exam preparation.


Understanding report cards

Drawing on her experience writing and proofing end-of-year school reports, Cluey Chief Learning Officer Dr Selina Samuels shares her top tips for deciphering report cards and gaining insight into what...


Demystifying Shakespeare

With its complex ideas, rich language and universal themes, the works of Shakespeare offer countless opportunities to engage and challenge students. But for these same reasons, Shakespeare can appear ...


Work and family: can we have it all?

Career. Family. Friends. The pressure to have it all can be all-consuming. Peace Mitchell, co-founder of the Women's Business School shares her secrets to making it all work.


Celebrating Book Week 2019

At Cluey Learning, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology as a tool. And as educators, we’re equally convinced of the magical benefits of reading.


The secrets of writing a good essay

The prospect of writing an essay can make any reasonable student run for the hills. So, we asked our Chief Learning Officer to share some secrets that make the process easier.


Developing quality content at Cluey

Great content is one of the most important aspects of learning. At Cluey, the quality of our content is one of our key points of difference.

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