How can a high achiever have ADHD?

Neurodiversity and intelligence are not the same thing. There are brilliant thinkers with ADHD just as there are neurotypical people who cannot get themselves organised, show up on time or read a book...

Five tips to prepare your child for high school

The transition to high school means there are big changes a comin’ for your teen. You can help ease any worries your child may have by preparing them before Term 1 begins. Here’s how.

Understanding the difference between teaching and learning

Children are the major variable in every classroom. They ensure nothing is ever the same and mean that a great lesson with one class may be an abject failure with another. Teaching is guaranteed, but ...

What makes good teaching?

What does it mean to be a good teacher? Does it change for primary and high school students? Dr Brad Campbell reflects on his experience and offers his take on the common tenets of teaching across age...

Why attendance matters

Every student absence impacts achievement. Here’s how to identify at-risk students and intervene early.

5 ways to teach gifted and talented students

Enhancing gifted or talented students' learning experiences can have a range of benefits. Discover how you can support gifted students.

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