Analysing characters in English texts

Throughout your secondary English studies, you’ll read numerous novels and other texts. Knowing how to analyse key characters is a valuable skill for essay writing and exam preparation.

7 key steps to crafting a knockout speech

Public speaking is a great fear of many people. Find out how you can take control of speaking in front of your peers, for good.

Demystifying Shakespeare

With its complex ideas, rich language and universal themes, the works of Shakespeare offer countless opportunities to engage and challenge students. But for these same reasons, Shakespeare can appear ...

Celebrating Book Week 2019

At Cluey Learning, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology as a tool. And as educators, we’re equally convinced of the magical benefits of reading.

The secrets of writing a good essay

The prospect of writing an essay can make any reasonable student run for the hills. So, we asked our Chief Learning Officer to share some secrets that make the process easier.

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