ATAR anxiety, and tips to get you through it

Can you believe Year 12 final exams are nearly here? With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID chaos of 2020, it’s no wonder exam stress levels are rising – and it’s not just among students...

Overseas study opportunities

Avenues for overseas study have expanded greatly in recent years, and there are now various formats and programs that Australian students can explore.

5 simple motivation hacks for effective study

Why are some study sessions more productive than others? Here’s how to understand your motivation and optimise your productivity. 

Failed your HSC Trials? Our top 10 tips to turn things around

There’s a reason they’re called ‘The Trials’. They may be a practice round but they’re also harder than anything else you’ll do at school. If your HSC Trials didn’t quite go to plan, her...

Planning and tackling a research assignment

You’ve probably had the experience of several assignments across different subjects being due in the same week. Here’s how to plan your time to meet all deadlines without rushing to the finish lin...

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