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Homeschool Tutoring

Cluey’s knowledgeable, friendly tutors can provide a personalised teaching experience that supports your great work at home.

Mother and homeschooled child

Give your children access to expert homeschool tuition help

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Expert tutoring

Provide variety (so the teaching doesn’t always have be provided by you).

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Quality content

Great for subject areas you struggle with or prefer not to teach.

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Delivered online in a way that suits your home teaching environment.

Supplementary teaching that enhances your homeschool experience

Being a homeschool teacher is a rewarding role, giving your children a personalised start to their education.

Sometimes there's a need to get additional expertise from outside the home to provide a complete learning experience or to take some of the teaching load.

As experts in online, face-to-face tutoring for thousands of students across the country, we’re ready to help you enhance your homeschool teaching in whatever area you need us to.

Let's build a learning program for

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We cover Maths, English and senior Chemistry

From Year 3 to 12, you can rely on Cluey to cover any content you need. It doesn’t matter if it’s doing a Year 4 Maths lesson for you once a week or taking your Year 12 student through their Chemistry challenges; we're here to work with you.

Our tutors are all subject matter experts; hand-picked for their exceptional ATAR results or their professional teaching experience, so they’ll make sure the right content is covered.

Cluey tutor

Delivered online, no matter where you are

Parents homeschool their children in all parts of Australia (and while travelling the world).

Regardless of whether you're homeschooling from an inner-city apartment or a distant country homestead, you can get access to quality, supportive tutoring with Cluey.

Our tutors provide engaging 1-to-1 sessions using video, audio and collaborative whiteboards to discuss, demonstrate and challenge students in the content areas they need to learn.

All you need is an internet connection.

How does our approach to learning work?

Tailored tutoring with a plan

The learning program

Structured around your child's individual needs and goals, our learning programs adapt over time to build confidence and offer the right help at the right time.

Quality content

  • Developed by our experienced education team, the content in our learning programs is structured according to your child's skill level and individual needs.
  • We use a range of approaches to meet the needs of different students. Our approach is always clear and unambiguous, and aims to help your child thrive.
Meet our education team

Tutoring sessions

  • Live and online
  • Expert tutors matched to your child's needs
  • Demonstration, guided exercises and reviews
  • Designed to be fun and engaging
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Practice exercises

Optional practice questions and exercises to work through between sessions.


Regular reporting

Feedback after every session helps you keep track of your child's progress.

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Flexibility to suit busy family schedules

Learn from home (or anywhere) via our online platform.


Schedule sessions when they suit you, between 7am and 10pm, 7 days per week.


Reschedule easily when things get busy

Consistent learning leads to progress that matters

From step one to step done, we're with your child for their entire learning journey.


Session recordings allow your child to revise at any time.


Progress reports ensure your child is getting the right help at the right pace.


Guided tutoring helps your child realise their potential.

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Let's build a learning program for

Meet some of our expert tutors




Experts in English

English at Cluey

Cluey Expert

Head of Department, English

Brenton Boswell

BA, LLB, G.Dip Ed, G.Dip Legal Studies

Brenton is responsible for leading our English Department and developing and overseeing excellent English programs of learning and tutoring across years 7-12. Previously, Brenton held the roles of Assistant Head of English at Newington College, Head of English at Kambala, and Dean of English and Dean of Knowledge Systems at Trinity Grammar School.

Meet some of our 210+ expert English tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.

Cluey tutor

Pui Pui Priscilla

NSW University Student (Bachelor of arts and Education)

English: Yrs 6-12

NAPLAN English: Yrs 6-12

Priscilla is in the final year of her Education degree, studying to be an English teacher. She offers an energetic and empathetic approach to tutoring primary and secondary students.

Cluey tutor


NSW Teacher

Mathematics: Yrs 3-6

English: Yrs 3-6

Flora is a Sydney teacher and passionate learner who offers an energetic and empathetic approach to tutoring primary and secondary students.

Cluey tutor


QLD Teacher

Mathematics: Yrs 3-6

English: Yrs 3-6

Michelle is a primary teacher with more than 14 years of experience in classroom and curriculum development roles. She is skilled at working with students of all abilities

Experts in Maths

Maths at Cluey

Cluey Expert

Head of Department, Mathematics at Cluey

Karen McDaid

BEd, MEd

Karen is responsible for leading our Mathematics Department, and developing and overseeing excellent Mathematics programs of learning and tutoring across years K-12. Previously, Karen was a Mathematics teacher and Lecturer in the Department of Education at the University of Western Sydney.

Meet some of our 210+ expert Maths tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.

Cluey tutor


VIC University Student (Master of Teaching (Primary))

Mathematics: Yrs 3-6

English: Yrs 3-6

Beth tutors part time while completing a Master of Primary Education in VIC. She is a skilled literacy and numeracy teacher and works well with anxious or shy students.

Cluey tutor


NSW University Student (Bachelor of Construction Management)

Mathematics: Yrs 3-10

Originally from the USA, Anthony now lives in Sydney and incorporates his American flair and good humour into all of his interactions with primary and secondary students.

Cluey tutor


NSW Teacher

Mathematics: Yrs 3-6

English: Yrs 3-6

Danny is a qualified primary teacher who has worked closely with the Association of Independent Schools demonstrating literacy and numeracy lessons all over NSW.

Experts in Chemistry

Chemistry at Cluey

Cluey Expert

Head of Department, Chemistry

Dr Voss Gibson

BSc, MSc, PhD

Voss is responsible for developing and overseeing excellent Chemistry tutoring and targeted programs of learning and service offerings in the Science Department. Voss was previously a Research Scientist, High School Chemistry teacher and Lecturer at UNSW Global.

Meet some of our 210+ expert Chemistry tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.

Cluey tutor


VIC University Student (Bachelor of Science)

Mathematics: Yrs 10-12

Chemistry: Yrs 10-12

Originally from the UK, Emily achieved an ATAR of 99 with particular success in extension courses. Emily's expertise are best applied to senior students looking to excel.

Cluey tutor


VIC University Student (Bachelor of Science)

Mathematics: Yrs 10-12

Chemistry: Yrs 10-12

Mathematics Extension 1: Yrs 10-12

With a near-perfect ATAR score, Ruby is currently completing a Bachelor of Science in Applied Maths and Advanced Chemistry. She uses her expertise to help talented seniors thrive

Cluey tutor


VIC University Student (Pharmaceutical science)

Mathematics: Yrs 3-12

English: Yrs 3-12

Chemistry: Yrs 3-12

NAPLAN English: Yrs 3-12

NAPLAN Mathematics: Yrs 3-12

ATAR high achiever Simran comes from a large family and has extensive experience with young children. Her lovely personality is a delight to primary students.

Looking For More?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions to help you out.

You can enrol directly on our website through our online enrolment process. During this process, we’ll ask you a few simple questions and recommend a learning program to suit your needs. If you have any questions, you can contact our Learning Advisors on 1300 182 000 or admissions@clueylearning.com.

Yes. Our Education Team maps all our content to the Australian Curriculum in each state. All content is relevant to your child’s school syllabus and what they’re covering in the classroom.

Yes. During your child’s first Cluey session your tutor will gauge their level of skills and knowledge and identify any strengths and weaknesses they have. We then customise a personalised learning plan for the student, tailored to their areas of need.  This plan is updated after every learning session.

You don’t need any special software or downloads for your Cluey Learning tutoring sessions, just a laptop or computer with an internet connection, audio and a web cam. We provide everything else. The sessions are always live, in real time and interactive. 

The Cluey platform runs on Windows or Mac desktop and laptop computers. In addition, a mouse, camera, microphone and speaker are required. A digital pen may also be useful. Our platform doesn’t yet work on mobile devices.

When you enrol, we’ll send you a link to our learning platform, and run some tests to make sure everything’s working before your first online session.

Minimum system requirements for running the Cluey platform:

Windows computers

Windows 10 (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7)
1 GHz processor

Firefox – Latest version
Chrome – Latest version

Mac computers

Mac OS X 10.9
1 GHz Intel processor (Core 2 Duo)

Firefox – Latest version
Chrome – Latest version

Generally, children of all ages respond very well working with their personal tutor on our online platform as most of them already use similar the technology at school. Our personalised approach and regular reporting after each session provide students (and parents) with confidence. You can also track your child’s progress and engagement through session recordings, available via a private link that we can email to you.

In most cases, it’s even better! In addition to high quality tutors, live online face-to-face sessions and personalised content, our A.I platform measures every interaction we have with a student – ensuring a consistent, quality experience for our students. Access to regular reports and video recordings means you’re always across your child’s progress.   You also have flexibility and control over when you have your tutoring sessions.

Every tutoring session is designed to be very interactive with their private expert tutor guiding the student through theory, worked examples and practice questions. Integrated video and audio communication is two way, which is the most effective method of learning. Our tutoring platform encourages high levels of engagement and focus for children of all ages.

Primary Students
For Primary school students we offer 1-to-1 (Years 2-6) and small group (Years 3-6) tutoring. You have the option to choose which mode best suits your child’s needs.

Secondary and Senior Students
For Secondary and Senior students (Years 7-12) tutoring sessions are 1-to-1. Your tutor will be focused solely on your learning during the session, maximising your results.


It depends on what the student needs and the individualised learning program that we design. Our flexibility means you can step-up the number of sessions when there is an immediate need, and reduce frequency when required.   You have several options, including whether you pay-as-you-go or purchase a package of sessions. And we never make you commit to any long term contracts. Once we understand your child’s needs, we help you work out the best package that will work for you.

Yes, you can start by committing only to two sessions. But keep in mind that a reasonable part of the first session revolves around getting to know your tutor, introducing the platform and learning content, and your tutor understanding your needs. The first session is less content intensive than subsequent sessions, hence students should do at least two sessions to start with. Regardless, you are never locked into a long term contract at Cluey Learning and you can choose to have as much or as little tutoring as you desire.

It depends on your child’s learning needs and their current level of knowledge. We recommend once a week to start with and reassessing as your child progresses.

You can schedule sessions anytime between 7am and 10pm, Monday to Sunday. Our support team is available from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on weekends.

Yes. You can change your session times by:

  • Contacting our Customer Care team on 02 8311 3964 or support@clueylearning.com. They’re available Mon-Fri 9am to 9pm, and Sat-Sun 9am to 6pm.
  • Logging in to your Cluey student account, going to Sessions, and following the prompts to reschedule.

You’ll be able to reschedule your session free of charge if you do so at least 48 hours before it starts. Any sessions rescheduled with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur the full charge.

Any content you were due to cover will automatically move to your next session. As long as you give us at least 48 hours’ notice, we won’t charge you for missing a session. Any sessions missed with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur the full charge.

Instead of doing a formal assessment that’s often stressful for your child, we get straight into tutoring. As the lessons progress, your tutor, supported by our learning platform, determines where your child is at in each area, and personalises the learning plan and upcoming tutoring sessions specifically to meet their needs. We refer to this as continuous assessment.

After each tutoring session, your tutor will share a report highlighting topics covered in the session, areas your child did well in or needed extra help with, and their overall progress. You can access these reports and session recordings at any time. If you have any concerns, you can discuss these with the tutor at the start or end of a session, or speak with our Customer Care team.

Our tutors include Teachers, top ATAR achievers and subject matter experts who are located throughout Australia. Before becoming a Cluey tutor, every tutor goes through a rigorous selection process to ensure we recruit the best people, with only 2% of tutors who apply making the grade. Thereafter, we train, support, develop and constantly review our tutors to ensure they provide consistently good quality teaching that’s right for your child.

Once we’ve matched the student to the best available tutor, our team can provide you with specific information on that tutor.  You can also read about our tutors on our website.

We aim to book the same Cluey tutor for each session your child has. If your tutor is on leave or your availability changes, we’ll match you with another suitable tutor and update them on your child’s progress. We keep in touch regularly to discuss your tutor preferences, and any potential changes.

Although we’d all love to be responsible for the next baby Mozart, our programs are very specifically designed to build your child’s confidence in their abilities and help them reach their (personal) potential. This might well be top marks in the state. Or it could be good marks achieved with pride. Either way, our goal is to instil a love of learning in every one of our students, so that they’ll continue to do it for the rest of their lives.

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