How to know if your child is really learning

How do you know if a child is learning? Is it the ability to recite answers? Do we measure it in terms of assessment marks? Or is real learning about absorbing knowledge in a deeper way?

How much screen time is too much?

As a modern society we spend more time looking at screens than ever before. With screens not going anywhere any time soon, how are all those pixels impacting us physically, emotionally, socially and m...

Understanding report cards

Drawing on her experience writing and proofing end-of-year school reports, Cluey Chief Learning Officer Dr Selina Samuels shares her top tips for deciphering report cards and gaining insight into what...

Building and nurturing resilience in gifted children

Many gifted children are not gifted in all areas of life; they can lack self-esteem and often doubt their true abilities.  As a parent or teacher, you can support gifted children to build resilience...

How to empower kids to own their learning

Teachers and parents play crucial roles in children's education. But empowering them to own their learning is perhaps the biggest advantage we can give them. Here's how.

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