UNSW partnership: Supporting HSC students in need

UNSW’s Access & Equity student outreach program (Aspire) works with school students from low socio-economic status backgrounds in schools across Sydney and regional New South Wales. It was founded on the belief that all students, no matter their background can succeed at university and we wholeheartedly agree!

UNSW Partnership
Cluey Learning Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Through initiatives like UNSW Gateway Program and UNSW’s pre-tertiary outreach program, they encourage and enable their students to consider, apply for and successfully participate in tertiary education. We’re thrilled to be a partner.

“This partnership ensures additional academic supports are in place for some of our most vulnerable HSC students,” said Mary Teague, Director, Access and Equity (Students).

“It has been a challenging year for all schools and Year 12 students, and in times of crisis, the impacts are greater again for those students already experiencing educational disadvantage. We hope this expert academic tutoring service will alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty for students,” Ms Teague said.

As part of the program, we are providing 1000 hours of specialised online tutoring to a group of 100 students from UNSW Gateway partner schools.

“Our focus is on filling any gaps of knowledge or understanding and – most importantly – building the sorts of study and organisational skills that will continue to be vital as students transition into tertiary study and work,” said Cluey Chief Learning Officer, Dr Selina Samuels.

“Our programs and our tutors provide tailored one-to-one support to ensure that the students can face their final exams with confidence,” Dr Samuels added.

We are working closely with the schools to make sure every session builds on what each student is doing in class, providing comprehensive progress reports and feedback to maximise their learning.

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