The NAPLAN quiz stumping Aussie parents

We gave parents a taste of what their kids will face with NAPLAN, and the results are in. Spoiler alert: some parents might want to hit the books.

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Cluey Learning Wednesday, 15 March 2023

More than 600 people recently took our sample NAPLAN quiz online in the lead up to the tests, which start this week. The questions are similar to what students might see in NAPLAN, but have managed to stump parents with one third of adult testers managing to score only six (or less) out of 10.  

Whilst the average score came in at seven correctly answered questions, 15 people who took the test sank dismally to the bottom of the class, scoring zero. 

However, the main discussion on our Facebook page was not so much about quiz results, but rather whether NAPLAN was necessary at all – we hear this a lot.

As one poster commented, “NAPLAN is nothing but stress for students and teachers. Money could be better spent on education rather than testing.”  

Another wrote, “To be honest, I don’t really care about NAPLAN. I’ve been told it has absolutely nothing to do with your child’s overall grades, it’s more to do with measuring the performance of the current curriculum. It’s a test designed for data collection.” 

One poster also questioned the point of preparing for the tests. “Prepping for a test doesn’t show what a child is capable of. Let them do NAPLAN then work on the gaps if necessary.” 

Cluey Learning Chief Learning Officer Dr Selina Samuels said NAPLAN was more than just a benchmarking assessment. 

“Whilst we need to understand how students are progressing academically across the country, it also provides teachers and parents with insight into how an individual is learning. You can then figure out how best to support and challenge students, so they build their confidence and achieve better results with schoolwork going forward.” 

Dr Samuels said the objectors to NAPLAN prep didn’t always take into account that the skills taught in preparation are actually useful and wouldn’t be forgotten once the tests are over. 

“I do agree the stress associated with NAPLAN is entirely counter-productive. But this can be addressed by making sure students have practised enough so they feel confident in showing what they know, and that they understand the format and how to approach test papers.”  

She added that for Years 3 and 5 in particular, knowing how to manage time under test conditions can dissipate anxiety. “We also find it useful to help students understand how to navigate multiple-choice questions and unpack questions phrased in unfamiliar ways. These are key test preparation skills and are useful way beyond the confines of NAPLAN. 

“Literacy and numeracy are important foundational skills for future education and work. So, the actual skills students need to demonstrate in these tests are skills that we want all our children to have – they are for life, not just for NAPLAN.”  

This year’s quiz tests a mix of English and Maths, including questions for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 who are taking part in NAPLAN this year. You can take the test HERE.

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