And the winners are (drumroll please)…

We’ve just wrapped up our ‘10 Years of Free Tutoring’ competition and are beyond excited to announce the lucky winners.

Cluey Learning free tutoring competition winners
Cluey Learning Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The competition was launched back in January as part of our 2020 Vision campaign. It explores the future of education, with a focus on helping students achieve longer term learning growth (read more about it here). Over 10,000 entries later, we are excited to be gifting 10 students from across Australia a year of free, personalised online tutoring in Maths or English with one of our nurturing and experienced tutors.

We spoke to some of the winners’ parents to find out how they were feeling about the big win. “I fell off my chair,” said the mother of one of our youngest winners, Darby.

The parents and winners were understandably united in their feelings of shock and disbelief at the win, but when asked what they were hoping to get out of the year of tutoring, the answers varied.

The mother of our only WA winner Makenzie hoped to expose her to a different method of learning from what she was used to. “We discovered my daughter learns differently during home schooling,” Makenzie’s mum said. “She’s a visual learner and this doesn’t always suit the learning style,” she added.

Queensland winner Deenah is in Year 9, but already has plans to study medicine after she graduates. “I’m hoping the tutoring can help her achieve her goals and dreams for the future,” Deena’s mum said.

Darby’s mum hoped the online sessions would help her gain confidence. “I want tutoring to give her a bit of a self-confidence boost,” she said.

Confidence is a word we hear a lot around Cluey headquarters. In fact, 85% of Cluey parents say their child is more confident after starting their online sessions. Speaking of which, some of the winners have already started theirs, and the feedback so far is a ‘thumbs up’.

Queensland winner Zainab is three sessions into her Year 11 Maths tutoring and her parents say she loves it. Samia, another winner from Queensland feels similarly about her sessions in Year 6 English. “She really likes her online tutor,” Samia’s mum said. “This will be great for her transitioning from Year Six to Year 7,” she added.

We’d like to congratulate all the winners and wish them–and everyone who entered the competition–the very best of luck for the future.

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