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Private English tutoring for school students in Waverley

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Expert tutoring

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Quality content

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Meet some of our 2,521+ expert English tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.
Image of NSW University Student Chinnu from Bungarribee


NSW University Student
Mathematics: Year 3 - Year 10 | English: Year 3 - Year 10
Chinnu completed her Year 12 certificate with an ATAR of 95.45. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Information Systems at University of New South Wales. Chinnu is passionate about the wellbeing and education of young people and aims to make learning a fun and engaging experience.
Image of NSW University Student Pheobe from Darlington


NSW University Student
English: Year 7 - Year 10
Pheobe has been teaching since 1998, completing her Bachelor of Primary Education from England, her Post Graduate Diploma in Education from New Zealand and her Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Flinders University, South Australia. She has taught in various counties around the world, starting teaching in Australia in 2015 with experience in all primary years. Pheobe is passionate about inspiring student confidence through building a learning partnership and is enthusiastic about English, enjoying assisting students to strive towards their full potential.
Image of NSW Other Kieran from Kellyville


NSW Other
English: Year 3 - Year 10
Kieran is an experienced Tutor in English with students aged 5-18. He brings positivity to his students and is passionate about helping them develop their oral and written communication skills as they work towards achieving their educational goals.
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Some of the subjects we cover

Each subject is covered using a learning program that contains all the content you need and is led by your personally matched tutor

English Year 8

To make sure your student is assured of success, the Cluey Education Team has an ever-expanding bank of resources as well as units ready to support essays, oral presentations, creative and persuasive writing - as well as grammar and spelling to give that final polish. If you're looking for assistance or extension in Year 8, our tutors are ready to help.

English Year 9

In Year 9, your child will be engaging in higher order reasoning and increasing abstraction. It's a great chance for students to consider their own position in the world as a creator and responder. The Cluey Education Team is ready to support them at every stage, with units for essays, oral presentations, creative and persuasive writing, as well as spelling, syntax and grammar. Whether it's catching up or getting ahead, our custom learning plans are tailored to your child's needs.

English Year 6

Students build their analytical skills, gaining greater insight into the choices made by the creators of texts and how these impact readers. The focus on evaluation in the final years of the primary curriculum requires a larger technical vocabulary, greater ability to understand abstract meaning and figurative language, and to master a range of text types. Pre-essaying writing skills are consolidated in preparation for Year 7.

English Year 2

In Year 2, students are developing their reading skills and using a range of strategies to recognise and decode words. They are learning to understand the range of purposes and audiences for spoken and written language and also learning to create their own texts for specific purposes and audiences. They are also learning to reflect on and assess their own writing and that of others.

Stage 2English Literary Studies Year 12

Explore a world of sophisticated and complex texts and adopt new approaches to the practice of in-depth reading and writing. Challenge yourself to develop, present and defend original creative or critical work that reflects your growing confidence as a student of Senior English. Cluey will be there to support you with everything from developing independent research strategies to mastering the secrets of extended writing.

We asked some of our English students near Waverley what they thought of their tutoring sessions:

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Learned A Lot
"i learnt new spelling and writ"
Eavan, English student, Waverley NSW
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"I wrote a persuasive text with my tu"
Raegan, English student, Hillside VIC
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Learned A Lot
"I enjoyed my session as I got more confident to answer questions and identify techniqes"
Raul, year 10 English student, Stoneville WA
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"because the tutor was really helpful and patient, towards how i handled the equations"
Jilani, year 10 Mathematics student, Stoneville WA
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Learned A Lot
"I loved making the cassowary paragraph (it was from last weeks homework) it was so fun!"
Ariane, year 3 English student, Mount Helena WA

Students from schools across NSW choose Cluey for private tutoring

Ascham School
Independent Girls in Edgecliff NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 8:1
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Government Co-Ed in Carlingford NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
Sydney Boys High School
Government Boys in Surry hills NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 15:1
Sydney Grammar School
Independent Boys in Darlinghurst NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1
The King's School
Independent Boys in North parramatta NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 10:1
Trinity Grammar School
Independent Boys in Summer hill NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1

Here’s what parents and students around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:

I've recently signed up my 8 year old for English and Maths tuition with Cluey to reinforce and extend his learning. The Cluey learning platform is a very structured program that has allowed my son to remain engaged, focused on the learning intention and successful in grasping the targeted concepts by the end of each 1 hour session. Having access to many tutors, Cluey was also able to effectively match my son's personality and learning-style with the right tutor, allowing my son to remain excited and keen throughout each lesson, thereby maximising my investment. I had initially gone to market to find tutoring on a face-to-face basis and was initially not particularly keen for an online tutoring service, but Cluey has proven that online learning is not a hindrance to my son's learning. In fact, I have found Cluey's online learning platform as very convenient for us in terms of just logging on for the lesson and is resilient, where our weekly tuition session is not impacted by the pandemic situation the world is facing today. I'd recommend Cluey to other families seeking to reinforce or enhance your child's learning. I'm happy
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My eight-year-old son is enrolled in Math and English tutorials. The tutors who have been assigned to him are patient, encouraging and capable of breaking down complex problems in ways that make them manageable. The exercises are helpful. I appreciate the feedback at the end of each session. A minor comment is that more detailed feedback in the regular update might help, for example specifically identifying areas where he might need more help. In my case, I observed how my son answered questions (and I also walk him through other written NAPLAN books), and from there I identified his strengths and weaknesses. Validation or extra insight in the report would be helpful to me. Overall, the sessions and the tutors have been incredibly helpful.
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Cluey has been fantastic my son has gained confidence in both English and Maths the tutors are supportive and seem to really connect. We had a couple of issues with my lap top connecting to the first couple of sessions and support team were wonderful getting it all sorted.
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My son needed help with Year 12 English because he has a learning difficulty and needed support to maximise the opportunity for him to get a good grade. he has a wonderful tutor, we're really happy with who understands my son's specific requirements. It's great the sessions are recorded to look back on and I get reports straight after the tutoring session so I'm kept up to date with my son's progress. I'm a happy mum
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My Daughter is in year 5 and has had 3 sessions with Cluey now and is really enjoying the sessions. She has Maths one week and English the next. The one on one approach is very effective for her.
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My 10yo daughter needed some help revisiting and really understanding some foundation concepts in Maths & English from year 4. I researched different tutoring options and trialled a couple. The one we stuck with was Cluey. My daughter likes both of her tutors and keenly sets up her working space prior to each session. She is finding it difficult but preserving with the tutore much more than she would when I've tried to help. The tutors are so patient and kind and encouraging. I really like the online system for the sessions, but also the reports and homework in The Hib. Every interaction I've had on the phone with the Customer Experience team has been great. I'd highly recommend Cluey, great investment in your child's education!
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