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Private Mathematics tutoring for HSC school students in Castle Hill

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Image of NSW University Student Rijul from Castle Hill


Castle Hill
NSW University Student
Mathematics: Year 7 - Year 12
Rijul completed his Year 12 certificate with an ATAR of 93.70. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Science at University of New South Wales. Rijul enjoys breaking down concepts to their simplest forms so students can better understand and retain the knowledge.
Image of NSW University Student Chelsea from Castle Hill


Castle Hill
NSW University Student
Mathematics: Year 3 - Year 12 | English: Year 3 - Year 12
Chelsea completed her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) in 2018 at the University of Sydney, followed by beginning her Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Linguistics and Hearing and Speech) in 2019. She has 2 years form tutoring experience, assisting students in primary and high school in English and Mathematics for years 2-10 and sometimes year 12 Higher School Certificate Standard English and Higher School Certificate Mathematics General. Chelsea?s strengths lie in being able to help her students to understand concepts in detail, along with a balanced student-teacher relationship to help students to realize their full potential.
Image of NSW Teacher Irfana from Castle Hill


Castle Hill
NSW Teacher
Mathematics: Year 2 - Year 6 | English: Year 2 - Year 6
Irfana is qualified Primary School teacher with a passion for education. She is passionate about helping students develop their key literacy and numeracy skills for life-long use, as they work towards acquiring educational independence. Irfana believes in fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment and feels with the right support, students can reach their potential
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Some of the subjects we cover

Each subject is covered using a learning program that contains all the content you need and is led by your personally matched tutor

Mathematics Standard Year 12

Our Year 12 Mathematics Standard program covers all relevant outcomes as outlined in the NSW Syllabus. Students develop their understanding of non-linear functions and how they can be used to model practical problems. Students also develop mathematical techniques to provide solutions to investment, loan and annuity problems. Statistical analysis techniques including bivariate data analysis and the normal distribution are introduced. In addition, the study of non-right-angled geometry is expanded to solve radial surveys. An investigation into networks and critical path analysis enables students to find solutions to real-world applications.

Mathematics Advanced Year 12

Our Year 12 Mathematics Advanced program covers all relevant outcomes as outlined in the NSW Syllabus. Students develop graphical techniques such as transformations of various functions including trigonometric functions. Students also learn further calculus techniques which help to describe the behaviour of graphs and functions as well as solve optimisation problems. The concept of the anti-derivative is examined and developed into methods for finding the area under a curve. In addition, students learn to select appropriate techniques when working with arithmetic and geometric sequences and their application to financial situations. We review bivariate data analysis methods and investigate continuous random variables and the normal distribution.

Mathematics Extension 1Year 12

Our Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 program addresses all relevant outcomes as outlined in the NSW Syllabus. Students build mastery of the technique of proof by mathematical induction to prove results. Students also explore vectors and their application to real-world problems. They achieve mastery of advanced methods to solve trigonometric equations through practice. Students further develop their calculus techniques to determine volumes of solids of revolution. The Binomial Distribution is also investigated as part of our program.

Mathematics Advanced Year 11

Our Year 11 Mathematics Advanced program covers all relevant outcomes as outlined in the NSW Syllabus. As part of our program, students investigate graphical relationships of functions and relations. The study of trigonometry is further explored with the introduction of reciprocal functions and special identities. Students gain conceptual understanding of differential calculus by investigating rates of change. Developing mastery of differentiation techniques enables students to solve related problems such as describing the motion of a particle. In addition, our program reviews logarithmic and exponential functions, theoretical and experimental probability and the introduction of discrete probability distributions.

Mathematics Extension 1Year 11

Our Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 program covers all relevant outcomes as outlined in the NSW Syllabus. As part of our program, students develop algebraic and geometric strategies to solve inequalities. Inverse function and parametric form of a function is defined and applied to solve a range of questions. Students also learn algebraic methods to solve equations of polynomials. Inverse trigonometric functions are examined including their properties and graphs which are applied to a variety of abstract and practical situations. Students gain the necessary practice to develop mastery over complex trigonometric identities. In addition, our program introduces the application of calculus to the physical world including exponential growth and decay and related rates of change. A new area of study, Combinatorics is introduced. Students build skills to solve both permutation and combination questions. This is extended into binomial expansion and Pascal's triangle.

We asked some of our Mathematics students near Castle Hill what they thought of their tutoring sessions:

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Learned A Lot
"Because i learnt a lot of new things that will help me in my assignment"
Blossom, Mathematics student, Camden NSW
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Learned A Lot
"I touched on what is going to come in 2019 in my year 12 mathematics class and revised my algebra skills"
Samyar, Mathematics student, Camden NSW
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Learned A Lot
"because I learnt a lot and I understood this better than I did before!!!!!!;D :D =D =)"
Maely, Mathematics student, Camden NSW
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"Need to change program to fit school, I will be in contact with my school math department to find out the order of topics"
Ares, Mathematics Extension 1 student, Camden NSW
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Learned A Lot
"Was so good, learnt a lot because joseph is a lit teacher. I actually half understand my maths now"
Savannah, Mathematics student, Castle Hill NSW

Students from schools across NSW choose Cluey for private tutoring

Ascham School
Independent Girls in Edgecliff NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 8:1
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Government Co-Ed in Carlingford NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
Sydney Boys High School
Government Boys in Surry hills NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 15:1
Sydney Grammar School
Independent Boys in Darlinghurst NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1
The King's School
Independent Boys in North parramatta NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 10:1
Trinity Grammar School
Independent Boys in Summer hill NSW offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1

Here’s what parents and students around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:

My 12 year old daughter was having a bit of trouble transitioning from primary school Maths to high school Maths. A friend told us they were using Cluey for their daughter and how fun and helpful it was. As a busy working mum I love the fact that it is online so no racing around after school to a venue. It is very professionally set up and the tutor can set questions for her during the session and the tutor can see her working out methods, etc. which makes the feedback on how to improve easier. There is a questionnaire to fill out initially so that they can find the best tutor to suit your child, e.g. if the are anxious or very active, etc. My daughter really likes her tutor, and after every session says how much she has learnt. She doesn't love Maths - she's more an English/Sports kid - but she is buzzing when she finishes a tutoring session because what she was taught finally makes sense! Would highly recommend
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Excellent support from ClueyTutors are very professional and supported my son very well with his English and maths methods in year 11.He is already got progress in his studies.Thanks Cluey learning team.
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My son is very satisfied with the support he is receiving with Year 12 Maths. He finds his tutor very supportive and a pleasure to work with. I have seen my son's confidence increase when it comes to facing formal maths assessments.
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My son was tutored last year in English and Maths for 3months prior to his VCE. I was really impressed at how efficient this tutoring service operates with regards to finding a suitable tutor and organising ongoing classes the whole process from start to finish ran incredibly smoothly. Feedback from my son regarding his tutoring lessons was that his tutors had a good understanding of the subject matter were professional and were able to fine tune the class to his specific needs. He has had tutoring before in the past with other organisations and has never been impressed with the process but with Cluey he actually said he enjoyed the tutoring classes which is a compliment to his tutors. From my point of view the customer service was excellent and I felt that it was money well spent. I would absolutely recommend Cluey as a tutoring service over and above all others I have had experience with.
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My Tudor was amazing. Not only did she help me improve my maths grades for the HSC, she also took interest in what I wanted to after school and gave me plenty of tips for study.
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My son is having tutoring for both Advanced Maths and Physics for year 11. The tutors are both undergraduate university students themselves, having accomplished their HSCs with higher than 95 ATARs. We are finding the online platform perfect as we don't have to race around after work/school to meet for appointments. The sessions are a pre booked standing appointment each week. My son logs on independently and has a face to face online session. The tutors are engaging, asks questions to interpret understanding, while both using a white board so it inter-active, my son is enjoying the lessons and the tutors chosen for him.
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