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Private tutoring for primary school students in Hobart

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Expert tutoring

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Quality content

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Meet some of our 2,521+ expert primary school tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.
Image of TAS Teacher Jacqui from Strickland


TAS Teacher
Mathematics: Year 2 - Year 10 | English: Year 2 - Year 10
Jacqui is a qualified Teacher with experience in both the primary and secondary settings. Through her teaching experience she has had worked with students with diverse learning needs and enjoys being able to adapt her teaching approach to best suit her students. Jacqui is a nurturing tutor who creates a safe environment for her students to feel they can ask any question they need.
Image of TAS Teacher Nikki from Hobart


TAS Teacher
English: Year 2 - Year 10 | NAPLAN English: Year 2 - Year 10
Nikki has a Master of Teaching with a focus on English and History. She enjoys supporting students at all levels, including NAPLAN preparation.
Image of TAS University Student Jamie from Youngtown


TAS University Student
Mathematics: Year 4 | English: Year 4
Jamie has a Bachelor of Educational Studies from The University of Tasmania, and has a lot of experience with educating children. Jamie has a strong passion for working with children, including homeschooling his three children. Jamie is a patient and knowledgeable educator, with strong familiarity with current school curriculum and different student learning styles.
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Some of the subjects we cover

Each subject is covered using a learning program that contains all the content you need and is led by your personally matched tutor

Mathematics Year 6

In addition to tackling a more challenging array of questions, Year 6 students recognise that numbers can be positive or negative, apply the rules for the order of operations, add and subtract decimals in real-life contexts and learn to use a Cartesian plane. Greater ability to think about the practical application of mathematical rules enables students to understand and represent data in more sophisticated ways.

Mathematics Year 5

The numbers skills of students in Year 5 should allow them to apply place value in digits of any number and demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding of number patterns and fractions. They are dealing with more challenging multiplication problems, including using the formal algorithm, and calculating amounts of money using percentages. Their appreciation of space and time is becoming more subtle and abstract.

English Year 2

In Year 2, students are developing their reading skills and using a range of strategies to recognise and decode words. They are learning to understand the range of purposes and audiences for spoken and written language and also learning to create their own texts for specific purposes and audiences. They are also learning to reflect on and assess their own writing and that of others.

English Year 6

Students build their analytical skills, gaining greater insight into the choices made by the creators of texts and how these impact readers. The focus on evaluation in the final years of the primary curriculum requires a larger technical vocabulary, greater ability to understand abstract meaning and figurative language, and to master a range of text types. Pre-essaying writing skills are consolidated in preparation for Year 7.

Mathematics Year 3

Students learn operations with numbers that include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They develop greater multiplication skills by learning times tables. They work with measurements of length and area, volume and capacity, mass and time, identify 2D and 3D space and angles and start graphing statistics in simple graphs. Students are starting to learn the appropriate mathematical terminology to explain their problem-solving strategies.

We asked some of our students near Hobart what they thought of their tutoring sessions:

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"my session went really well because it was really fun"
Elaina, English student, Hobart TAS
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Learned A Lot
"because i learned a lot that i didn't know"
Arry, English student, Hobart TAS
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Learned A Lot
"i LOVED IT he explained it so well and i understood everything he said i had a LOT to take away"
Dimitrios, Mathematics student, Hobart TAS
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Learned A Lot
"I learnt how to round up and round do"
Jedd, Mathematics student, Hobart TAS
Smily icon
Learned A Lot
"It was amazi"
Senya, Mathematics student, Hobart TAS

Students from schools across TAS choose Cluey for private tutoring

Elizabeth College
Government Co-Ed in North hobart TAS offering 11-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
Kings Meadows High School
Government Co-Ed in Kings meadows TAS offering 7-10 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 13:1
Launceston Church Grammar School
Independent Co-Ed in Mowbray TAS offering Prep-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1
Leighland Christian School
Independent Co-Ed in Ulverstone TAS offering Prep-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 12:1
Mount Carmel College
Catholic Co-Ed in Sandy bay TAS offering Prep-10 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
The Hutchins School
Independent Boys in Sandy bay TAS offering Prep-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1

Here’s what parents and students around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:

The avatar of Claire
Hobart, TAS
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Caring tutor who is making a real impact
My son has been working with his Tutor for about 6 weeks. We are already starting to see positive results and his confidence has grown. At first he was a bit apprehensive about the sessions and now he looks forward to them. The tutoring compliments what he is learning at school.
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The avatar of Krysten
Hobart, TAS
Logo of product review
I wish we started sooner
We pay for private speech sessions in addition to what our school offer in order for our son to achieve learning objectives with English. He struggled to remain engaged and hates going to these sessions. From our sons very first session with Cluey we noticed a difference in his attitude towards learning and his confidence. I honestly wish we started sooner as the learning style is perfect for our sons learning needs and he actually looks forward to each session. In the first week he was worried about missing his next session with Cluey because we had something else on that day. This is an amazing outcome given the week before he complained about having his other speech session yet with Cluey he's always excited. This has been the best investment in our sons education and I highly recommend.
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The avatar of Clare D.
Hobart, TAS
Logo of product review
A game changer!
Ever since I engaged with Cluey about their tutoring, I've been impressed. They were straight back to me after my enquiry & have been nothing but professional & helpful ever since. My son has been struggling with Maths & English & Cluey offered me an option with is working & not taking advantage financially. What impressed the most, is how interested they are in my son as a person, which has built his confidence in learning. I would definitely recommend them to help anyone.
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The avatar of Jodi
Launceston, TAS
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So convenient and productive
The lessons are very rewarding and full of learning opportunities. The tutor we have is very patient, understanding and most of all engaging. My sons confidence has grown and he is keen for each lesson and has asked to have them more often!
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The avatar of Kim
Logo of product review
Cluey is building my daughter's confidence
My child has a medical condition and has missed quite a bit of school. By joining Cluey learning he has gained confidence and has been able to fill in the gaps he has missed. He is always very excited to do the lessons and he always reflects back to me what he has learned. His tutor always checks with my son what he has been doing at school so he can extend on this.
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Extra boost of confidence
My son is lost in the system. He is that good child that they do not see. We started Cluey a few weeks back. I love the flexibility of doing it in our own home. The maths tutor gets it. He gets my son to work through the problems and figures out where he is making mistakes. They work back through the problem to fix it. My son than works on other similar problems that he does not get. Our tutor works with my son on the deficits in his maths knowledge. Having one on one allows my son to work on his individual needs.
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