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Top Primary Schools in TAS

top primary school rankings

About this guide

Think of this page almost like a school counselor, helping you through the tough decision of choosing the best school for your child. It includes a table listing some of the top primary schools in Tasmania. You’ll also find some handy articles filled with helpful tips and advice on the benefits of tutoring and how to choose the right school for your child.

What the table shows

The table below shows the 150 top primary schools in Tasmania.

To find the education information for each school, such as NAPLAN numeracy and literacy results, number of students enrolled and ISCEA socio economic advantage values, head on over to the myschools webpage for each school (found in the last column of the table below). If you need a little help navigating their website, check out our tips to getting the most out of the My Schools website .

For interest, we have provided the search volume for each of the top 150 schools in the table below.

Search volume is a metric that shows how often people search for something on Google each month. It’s a great indicator of how poplar something is – the more people that search for something, the higher the search volume.

It can also indicate the size of a school – the larger the school, the more students and parents might search for it on Google.

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Top 150 Primary Schools in TAS

# School Name Search Volume Keyword Searched School Type Location Postcode State My School URL
1 South Hobart Primary School 350 south hobart primary school Government South Hobart 7004 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40105
2 Albuera Street Primary School 100 albuera street primary school Government Battery Point 7004 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40100
3 Mount Nelson Primary School 100 mount nelson primary school Government Mount Nelson 7007 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40109
4 Mount Stuart Primary School 100 mount stuart primary school Government Mount Stuart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40104
5 Calvin Christian School 500 calvin christian school Independent Kingston 7050 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40257
6 Princes Street Primary School 100 princes street primary school Government Sandy Bay 7005 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40106
7 Taroona Primary School 250 taroona primary school Government Taroona 7053 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40108
8 St Michael's Collegiate School 80 st michael's collegiate school Independent Hobart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40035
9 Fahan School 700 fahan school Independent Sandy Bay 7005 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40001
10 The Hutchins School 400 the hutchins school Independent Sandy Bay 7005 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40029
11 Goulburn Street Primary School 100 goulburn street primary school Government West Hobart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40102
12 Waimea Heights Primary School 100 waimea heights primary school Government Sandy Bay 7005 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40107
13 Devonport Christian School 150 devonport christian school Independent Don 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40233
14 Peregrine 3500 peregrine Independent Nicholls Rivulet 7112 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40247
15 The Cottage School 40 the cottage school Independent Bellerive 7018 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40030
16 St Thomas More's Catholic School 5 st thomas more's catholic school Catholic Newstead 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40041
17 Lindisfarne Primary School 200 lindisfarne primary school Government Lindisfarne 7015 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40126
18 The Launceston Preparatory School 40 the launceston preparatory school Independent Launceston 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40038
19 Lansdowne Crescent Primary School 150 lansdowne crescent primary school Government West Hobart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40103
20 Trevallyn Primary School 300 trevallyn primary school Government Trevallyn 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40161
21 Illawarra Primary School 700 illawarra primary school Government Blackmans Bay 7052 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40241
22 Launceston Christian School 600 launceston christian school Independent Riverside 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40031
23 Bellerive Primary School 350 bellerive primary school Government Bellerive 7018 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40128
24 Sacred Heart Catholic School 100 sacred heart catholic school Catholic Launceston 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40099
25 John Calvin School 150 john calvin school Independent Launceston 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40005
26 East Launceston Primary School 250 east launceston primary school Government East Launceston 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40154
27 Forth Primary School 60 forth primary school Government Forth 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40189
28 Scotch Oakburn College 1300 scotch oakburn college Independent Newstead 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40036
29 Norwood Primary School 600 norwood primary school Government Norwood 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40156
30 Corpus Christi Catholic School 100 corpus christi catholic school Catholic Bellerive 7018 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40000
31 Mount Carmel College 1000 mount carmel college Catholic Sandy Bay 7005 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40237
32 Lenah Valley Primary School 200 lenah valley primary school Government Lenah Valley 7008 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40110
33 Channel Christian School 100 channel christian school Independent Margate 7054 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40272
34 The Friends' School 450 the friends school Independent North Hobart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40028
35 Riverside Primary School 700 riverside primary school Government Riverside 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40158
36 Richmond Primary School 900 richmond primary school Government Richmond 7025 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40137
37 Woodbridge School 100 woodbridge school Government Woodbridge 7162 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40087
38 Cambridge Primary School 1500 cambridge primary school Government Cambridge 7170 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40148
39 Launceston Church Grammar School 800 launceston church grammar school Independent Mowbray 7248 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40007
40 Stella Maris Catholic School 50 stella maris catholic school Catholic Burnie 7320 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40027
41 Howrah Primary School 400 howrah primary school Government Howrah 7018 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40130
42 New Town Primary School 100 new town primary school Government New Town 7008 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40112
43 Newstead Christian School 200 newstead christian school Independent Newstead 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40244
44 Emmanuel Christian School 1200 emmanuel christian school Independent Rokeby 7019 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40270
45 Collinsvale Primary School 80 collinsvale primary school Government Collinsvale 7012 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40123
46 St Aloysius Catholic College 600 st aloysius catholic college Catholic Huntingfield 7055 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40963
47 St Anthony's Catholic School 20 st anthonys catholic school Catholic Riverside 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40014
48 Sacred Heart Catholic School 100 sacred heart catholic school Catholic Geeveston 7116 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40012
49 West Launceston Primary School 200 west launceston primary school Government West Launceston 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40163
50 Miandetta Primary School 100 miandetta primary school Government Miandetta 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40191
51 Campbell Street Primary School 150 campbell street primary school Government North Hobart 7000 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40101
52 Perth Primary School 150 perth primary school Government Perth 7300 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40174
53 Hagley Farm Primary School 30 hagley farm primary school Government Hagley 7292 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40170
54 Franklin Primary School 100 franklin primary school Government Franklin 7113 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40142
55 Leighland Christian School 250 leighland christian school Independent Ulverstone 7315 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40032
56 Beaconsfield Primary School 700 beaconsfield primary school Government Beaconsfield 7270 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40243
57 Sacred Heart Catholic School 100 sacred heart catholic school Catholic Geeveston 7116 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40012
58 Montagu Bay Primary School 200 montagu bay primary school Government Montagu Bay 7018 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40131
59 Punchbowl Primary School 200 punchbowl primary school Government Newstead 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40157
60 Boat Harbour Primary School 80 boat harbour primary school Government Boat Harbour 7321 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40207
61 Molesworth Primary School 70 molesworth primary school Government Molesworth 7140 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40225
62 St Virgil's College 150 st virgils college Catholic Austins Ferry 7011 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40245
63 Brighton Primary School 1500 brighton primary school Government Brighton 7030 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40220
64 Southern Christian College 450 southern christian college Independent Kingston 7050 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40044
65 St Therese's Catholic School 0 st thereses catholic school Catholic Moonah 7009 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40024
66 Bridport Primary School 50 bridport primary school Government Bridport 7262 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40167
67 Youngtown Primary School 250 youngtown primary school Government Youngtown 7249 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40164
68 Goodwood Primary School 1000 goodwood primary school Government Moonah 7009 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40114
69 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School 30 our lady of lourdes catholic school Catholic Devonport 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40009
70 Sacred Heart College 6400 sacred heart college Catholic New Town 7008 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40238
71 Lauderdale Primary School 500 lauderdale primary school Government Lauderdale 7021 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40135
72 Dover District School 10 dover district school Government Dover 7117 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40056
73 Hilliard Christian School 300 hilliard christian school Independent West Moonah 7009 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40025
74 Larmenier Catholic School 40 larmenier catholic school Catholic St Leonards 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40006
75 St Finn Barr's Catholic Primary School 0 st finn barrs catholic primary school Catholic Invermay 7248 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40234
76 Tarremah Steiner School 200 tarremah steiner school Independent Huntingfield 7055 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40230
77 Australian Christian College 2600 australian christian college Independent Somerset 7322 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40231
78 Kingston Primary School 1000 kingston primary school Government Kingston 7050 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40143
79 Glen Dhu Primary School 200 glen dhu primary school Government South Launceston 7249 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40155
80 Holy Rosary Catholic School 150 holy rosary catholic school Catholic Claremont 7011 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40003
81 St Joseph's Catholic School 90 st joseph's catholic school Catholic Queenstown 7467 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40021
82 St John's Catholic School 30 st johns catholic school Catholic Richmond 7025 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40019
83 St Brigid's Catholic School 150 st brigid's catholic school Catholic Wynyard 7325 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40017
84 Bicheno Primary School 90 bicheno primary school Government Bicheno 7215 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40153
85 Andrews Creek Primary School 70 andrews creek primary school Government Wesley Vale 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50565
86 King Island District High School 50 king island district high school Government Currie 7256 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40075
87 Spreyton Primary School 200 spreyton primary school Government Spreyton 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40193
88 St Cuthbert's Catholic School 10 st cuthberts catholic school Catholic Lindisfarne 7015 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40018
89 St Leonards Primary School 450 st leonards primary school Government St Leonards 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40159
90 Sassafras Primary School 150 sassafras primary school Government Sassafras 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40185
91 Blackmans Bay Primary School 150 blackmans bay primary school Government Blackmans Bay 7052 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40144
92 Cygnet Primary School 150 cygnet primary school Government Cygnet 7112 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40141
93 Dominic College 1900 dominic college Catholic Glenorchy 7010 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40236
94 Geneva Christian College 350 geneva christian college Independent Latrobe 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40002
95 South Arm Primary School 50 south arm primary school Government South Arm 7022 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40136
96 Hillcrest Primary School 1100 hillcrest primary school Government Devonport 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40190
97 Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School 10 our lady of mercy catholic school Catholic Deloraine 7304 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40010
98 Glen Huon Primary School 150 glen huon primary school Government Glen Huon 7109 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40139
99 Burnie Primary School 150 burnie primary school Government Park Grove 7320 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40203
100 Evandale Primary School 60 evandale primary school Government Evandale 7212 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40150
101 St James Catholic College 90 st james catholic college Catholic Cygnet 7112 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40008
102 St Patrick's Catholic School 20 st patricks catholic school Catholic Latrobe 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40023
103 Riana Primary School 50 riana primary school Government Riana 7316 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40200
104 Rosetta Primary School 200 rosetta primary school Government Rosetta 7010 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40119
105 Bowen Road Primary School 150 bowen road primary school Government Moonah 7009 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40113
106 Longford Primary School 100 longford primary school Government Longford 7301 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40175
107 Bothwell District High School 40 bothwell district high school Government Bothwell 7030 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40060
108 Margate Primary School 250 margate primary school Government Margate 7054 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40145
109 St Helens District High School 100 st helens district high school Government St Helens 7216 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40067
110 Orford Primary School 10 orford primary school Government Orford 7190 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40171
111 St Brigid's Catholic School 30 st brigids catholic school Catholic New Norfolk 7140 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40016
112 Mowbray Heights Primary School 150 mowbray heights primary school Government Mowbray 7248 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40093
113 Swansea Primary School 70 swansea primary school Government Swansea 7190 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40172
114 Exeter Primary School 200 exeter primary school Government Exeter 7275 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40240
115 Northern Christian School 350 northern christian school Independent Bridgewater 7030 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40271
116 Latrobe Primary School 150 latrobe primary school Government Latrobe 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40180
117 St Peter Chanel Catholic School 30 st peter chanel catholic school Catholic Smithton 7330 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40015
118 Ulverstone Primary School 200 ulverstone primary school Government Ulverstone 7315 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40197
119 Rosebery District High School 60 rosebery district high school Government Rosebery 7470 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40066
120 Sheffield School 150 sheffield school Government Sheffield 7306 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40182
121 Stanley Primary School 40 stanley primary school Government Stanley 7331 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40216
122 Westerway Primary School 50 westerway primary school Government Westerway 7140 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40226
123 Summerdale Primary School 250 summerdale primary school Government Summerhill 7250 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40160
124 Cooee Primary School 80 cooee primary school Government Cooee 7320 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40204
125 Snug Primary School 150 snug primary school Government Snug 7054 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40146
126 Scottsdale Primary School 70 scottsdale primary school Government Scottsdale 7260 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40169
127 Somerset Primary School 150 somerset primary school Government Somerset 7322 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50230
128 Port Sorell Primary School 100 port sorell primary school Government Port Sorell 7307 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50549
129 Campbell Town District High School 80 campbell town district high school Government Campbell Town 7210 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40071
130 Havenview Primary School 60 havenview primary school Government Havenview 7320 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40208
131 Winnaleah District High School 60 winnaleah district high school Government Winnaleah 7265 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40086
132 Cressy District High School 150 cressy district high school Government Cressy 7302 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40072
133 East Ulverstone Primary School 100 east ulverstone primary school Government Ulverstone 7315 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40195
134 Table Cape Primary School 100 table cape primary school Government Wynyard 7325 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40211
135 Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School 40 immaculate heart of mary catholic school Catholic Lenah Valley 7008 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40004
136 Dodges Ferry Primary School 200 dodges ferry primary school Government Dodges Ferry 7173 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40239
137 Forest Primary School 100 forest primary school Government Forest 7330 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40213
138 Nixon Street Primary School 90 nixon street primary school Government Devonport 7310 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40192
139 Lindisfarne North Primary School 200 lindisfarne north primary school Government Geilston Bay 7015 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40125
140 Ridgley Primary School 60 ridgley primary school Government Ridgley 7321 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40210
141 Yolla District High School 150 yolla district high school Government Yolla 7325 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40088
142 Zeehan Primary School 60 zeehan primary school Government Zeehan 7469 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40229
143 South George Town Primary School 50 south george town primary school Government George Town 7253 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40166
144 Bracknell Primary School 50 bracknell primary school Government Bracknell 7302 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40173
145 Penguin District School 200 penguin district school Government Penguin 7316 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50712
146 Austins Ferry Primary School 250 austins ferry primary school Government Claremont 7011 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50262
147 Circular Head Christian School 150 circular head christian school Independent Smithton 7330 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40043
148 Deloraine Primary School 200 deloraine primary school Government Deloraine 7304 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40177
149 Bagdad Primary School 60 bagdad primary school Government Bagdad 7030 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40221
150 John Paul II Catholic School 10 john paul ii catholic school Catholic Clarendon Vale 7019 TAS https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40037

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