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top primary school rankings

About this guide

Think of this page almost like a school counselor, helping you through the tough decision of choosing the best school for your child. It includes a table listing some of the top primary schools in South Australia. You’ll also find some handy articles filled with helpful tips and advice on the benefits of tutoring and how to choose the right school for your child.

What the table shows

The table below shows the 150 top primary schools in South Australia.

To find the education information for each school, such as NAPLAN numeracy and literacy results, number of students enrolled and ISCEA socio economic advantage values, head on over to the myschools webpage for each school (found in the last column of the table below). If you need a little help navigating their website, check out our tips to getting the most out of the My Schools website .

For interest, we have provided the search volume for each of the top 150 schools in the table below.

Search volume is a metric that shows how often people search for something on Google each month. It’s a great indicator of how poplar something is – the more people that search for something, the higher the search volume.

It can also indicate the size of a school – the larger the school, the more students and parents might search for it on Google.

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Top 150 Primary Schools in SA

# School Name Search Volume Keyword Searched School Type Location Postcode State My School URL
1 Linden Park Primary School 700 linden park primary school Government Linden Park 5065 SA
2 St Peter's College 450 st peter's college Independent St Peters 5069 SA
3 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Clare 5453 SA
4 Prince Alfred College 2400 prince alfred college Independent Kent Town 5067 SA
5 Scotch College 8800 scotch college Independent Torrens Park 5062 SA
6 St Peter's Collegiate Girls' School 10 st peters collegiate girls school Independent Stonyfell 5066 SA
7 St Andrew's School 700 st andrew's school Independent Walkerville 5081 SA
8 Pembroke School 2000 pembroke school Independent Kensington Park 5068 SA
9 Seymour College 2700 seymour college Independent Glen Osmond 5064 SA
10 King's Baptist Grammar School 400 kings baptist grammar school Independent Wynn Vale 5127 SA
11 St Mary's Memorial School 80 st marys memorial school Catholic Glenelg 5045 SA
12 Rose Park Primary School 450 rose park primary school Government Rose Park 5067 SA
13 North Adelaide Primary School 400 north adelaide primary school Government North Adelaide 5006 SA
14 Pulteney Grammar School 900 pulteney grammar school Independent Adelaide 5000 SA
15 Sunrise Christian School Morphett Vale 40 sunrise christian school morphett vale Independent Morphett Vale 5162 SA
16 Richmond Primary School 900 richmond primary school Government Keswick 5035 SA
17 St Catherine's School 500 st catherine's school Catholic Stirling 5152 SA
18 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Ottoway 5013 SA
19 Burnside Primary School 800 burnside primary school Government Burnside 5066 SA
20 Highgate School 200 highgate school Government Highgate 5063 SA
21 Norwood Primary School 600 norwood primary school Government Norwood 5067 SA
22 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Payneham South 5070 SA
23 Wilderness School 1400 wilderness school Independent Medindie 5081 SA
24 East Marden Primary School 1100 east marden primary school Government Campbelltown 5074 SA
25 St Dominic's Priory College 250 st dominics priory college Catholic North Adelaide 5006 SA
26 Glen Osmond Primary School 350 glen osmond primary school Government Myrtle Bank 5064 SA
27 St Thomas' School 350 st thomas school Catholic Goodwood 5034 SA
28 Southern Montessori School 70 southern montessori school Independent O'Sullivan Beach 5166 SA
29 Hawthorndene Primary School 350 hawthorndene primary school Government Hawthorndene 5051 SA
30 Marryatville Primary School 450 marryatville primary school Government Kensington 5068 SA
31 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 150 st anthony's catholic primary school Catholic Millicent 5280 SA
32 Walkerville Primary School 700 walkerville primary school Government Walkerville 5081 SA
33 East Adelaide School 500 east adelaide school Government St Peters 5069 SA
34 Immanuel Primary School 450 immanuel primary school Independent Novar Gardens 5040 SA
35 Parkside Primary School 250 parkside primary school Government Parkside 5063 SA
36 St John's Grammar School 250 st johns grammar school Independent Belair 5052 SA
37 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Hectorville 5073 SA
38 Walford Anglican School for Girls 300 walford anglican school for girls Independent Hyde Park 5061 SA
39 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School 150 st anthony's catholic primary school Catholic Millicent 5280 SA
40 Sunrise Christian School Paradise 40 sunrise christian school paradise Independent Paradise 5075 SA
41 Heritage College 1000 heritage college Independent Oakden 5086 SA
42 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Tranmere 5073 SA
43 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Ottoway 5013 SA
44 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Ottoway 5013 SA
45 Nailsworth Primary School 800 nailsworth primary school Government Nailsworth 5083 SA
46 Emmaus Christian College 1000 emmaus christian college Independent South Plympton 5038 SA
47 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Hectorville 5073 SA
48 Stirling East Primary School 250 stirling east primary school Government Stirling 5152 SA
49 Crafers Primary School 450 crafers primary school Government Crafers 5152 SA
50 Goodwood Primary School 1000 goodwood primary school Government Goodwood 5034 SA
51 Kangarilla Primary School 100 kangarilla primary school Government Kangarilla 5157 SA
52 St Anthony's School 200 st anthony's school Catholic Edwardstown 5039 SA
53 Mercedes College 3500 mercedes college Catholic Springfield 5062 SA
54 Uraidla Primary School 100 uraidla primary school Government Uraidla 5142 SA
55 Saint Ignatius' College 1000 saint ignatius college Catholic Athelstone 5076 SA
56 Southern Vales Christian College 1000 southern vales christian college Independent Morphett Vale 5162 SA
57 Magill School 150 magill school Government Magill 5072 SA
58 Loreto College 1800 loreto college Catholic Marryatville 5068 SA
59 Upper Sturt Primary School 200 upper sturt primary school Government Upper Sturt 5156 SA
60 St Martin's Catholic Primary School 100 st martin's catholic primary school Catholic Greenacres 5086 SA
61 Edwardstown Primary School 600 edwardstown primary school Government Melrose Park 5039 SA
62 Mitcham Primary School 1700 mitcham primary school Government Kingswood 5062 SA
63 Pilgrim School 200 pilgrim school Independent Aberfoyle Park 5159 SA
64 Westminster School 2100 westminster school Independent Marion 5043 SA
65 Macclesfield Primary School 150 macclesfield primary school Government Macclesfield 5153 SA
66 Prospect Primary School 500 prospect primary school Government Prospect 5082 SA
67 St Bernadette's School 20 st bernadette's school Catholic St Marys 5042 SA
68 St Martin de Porres School 100 st martin de porres school Catholic Sheidow Park 5158 SA
69 Henley Beach Primary School 250 henley beach primary school Government Henley Beach South 5022 SA
70 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Murray Bridge 5253 SA
71 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Port Lincoln 5606 SA
72 Scott Creek Primary School 90 scott creek primary school Government Scott Creek 5153 SA
73 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic West Hindmarsh 5007 SA
74 Cedar College 1500 cedar college Independent Northgate 5085 SA
75 Christian Brothers' College 1500 christian brothers college Catholic Adelaide 5000 SA
76 Christ the King School 250 christ the king school Catholic Warradale 5046 SA
77 Trinity Gardens School 150 trinity gardens school Government Trinity Gardens 5068 SA
78 Portside Christian College 600 portside christian college Independent New Port 5015 SA
79 Colonel Light Gardens Primary School 250 colonel light gardens primary school Government Colonel Light Gardens 5041 SA
80 Our Lady of Hope School 150 our lady of hope school Catholic Greenwith 5125 SA
81 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Peterborough 5422 SA
82 Annesley College 200 annesley college Independent Wayville 5034 SA
83 Pedare Christian College 600 pedare christian college Independent Golden Grove 5125 SA
84 Torrens Valley Christian School 800 torrens valley christian school Independent Hope Valley 5090 SA
85 Sunrise Christian School Marion 100 sunrise christian school marion Independent Marion 5043 SA
86 Our Lady of Grace School 200 our lady of grace school Catholic Glengowrie 5044 SA
87 Unley Primary School 600 unley primary school Government Unley 5061 SA
88 Prescott Primary School, Northern 300 prescott primary northern Independent Para Vista 5093 SA
89 Heathfield Primary School 200 heathfield primary school Government Heathfield 5153 SA
90 Eden Hills Primary School 300 eden hills primary school Government Eden Hills 5050 SA
91 Woodend Primary School 900 woodend primary school Government Sheidow Park 5158 SA
92 St Peters Lutheran School 50 st peters lutheran school Independent Blackwood 5051 SA
93 Stradbroke School 1200 stradbroke school Government Rostrevor 5073 SA
94 Bellevue Heights Primary School 200 bellevue heights primary school Government Bellevue Heights 5050 SA
95 Roseworthy Primary School 100 roseworthy primary school Government Roseworthy 5371 SA
96 Aldgate Primary School 300 aldgate primary school Government Aldgate 5154 SA
97 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Renmark 5341 SA
98 Fulham North Primary School 400 fulham north primary school Government Henley Beach 5022 SA
99 Sunrise Christian School Fullarton 40 sunrise christian school fullarton Independent Fullarton 5063 SA
100 Vale Park Primary School 500 vale park primary school Government Vale Park 5081 SA
101 Athelstone School 150 athelstone school Government Athelstone 5076 SA
102 St James School 200 st james school Catholic Jamestown 5491 SA
103 Sunrise Christian School Naracoorte 40 sunrise christian school naracoorte Independent Naracoorte 5271 SA
104 Sturt Street Community School 150 sturt street community school Government Adelaide 5000 SA
105 Belair Primary School 600 belair primary school Government Belair 5052 SA
106 Hillcrest Primary School 1100 hillcrest primary school Government Hillcrest 5086 SA
107 Brighton Primary School 1500 brighton primary school Government Brighton 5048 SA
108 St Raphael's School 20 st raphaels school Catholic Parkside 5063 SA
109 Westbourne Park Primary School 400 westbourne park primary school Government Westbourne Park 5041 SA
110 Trinity College North 80 trinity college north Independent Evanston South 5116 SA
111 St Mark's Lutheran School 40 st marks lutheran school Independent Mount Barker 5251 SA
112 Saint David's Parish School 100 saint david's parish school Catholic Tea Tree Gully 5091 SA
113 St Joseph's Memorial School 0 st josephs memorial school Catholic Norwood 5067 SA
114 St Peter's Woodlands Grammar School 10 st peters woodlands grammar school Independent Glenelg 5045 SA
115 Lucindale Area School 150 lucindale area school Government Lucindale 5272 SA
116 Sunrise Christian School Whyalla 50 sunrise christian school whyalla Independent Whyalla Norrie 5608 SA
117 Black Forest Primary School 600 black forest primary school Government Black Forest 5035 SA
118 St Monica's Parish School 10 st monicas parish school Catholic Walkerville 5081 SA
119 Investigator College 1100 investigator college Independent Victor Harbor 5211 SA
120 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Peterborough 5422 SA
121 Pinnacle College 800 pinnacle college Independent Elizabeth East 5112 SA
122 Keithcot Farm Primary School 200 keithcot farm primary school Government Wynn Vale 5127 SA
123 Tyndale Christian School 3700 tyndale christian school Independent Salisbury East 5109 SA
124 Concordia College 2100 concordia college Independent Highgate 5063 SA
125 The Hills Christian Community School 40 the hills christian community school Independent Verdun 5245 SA
126 Trinity College Blakeview 250 trinity college blakeview Independent Blakeview 5114 SA
127 Blackwood Primary School 500 blackwood primary school Government Eden Hills 5050 SA
128 Saint Spyridon College 150 saint spyridon college Independent Unley 5061 SA
129 Good Shepherd Lutheran School 500 good shepherd lutheran school Independent Para Vista 5093 SA
130 Coromandel Valley Primary School 250 coromandel valley primary school Government Coromandel Valley 5051 SA
131 Seacliff Primary School 350 seacliff primary school Government Seacliff 5049 SA
132 Flagstaff Hill R-7 School 10 flagstaff hill r-7 school Government Flagstaff Hill 5159 SA
133 West Lakes Shore School R-7 0 west lakes shore school r-7 Government West Lakes Shore 5020 SA
134 Tenison Woods Catholic Primary School 20 tenison woods catholic primary school Catholic Richmond 5033 SA
135 Gilles Street Primary School 300 gilles street primary school Government Adelaide 5000 SA
136 Redeemer Lutheran School 250 redeemer lutheran school Independent Nuriootpa 5355 SA
137 Trinity College Gawler River 150 trinity college gawler river Independent Angle Vale 5117 SA
138 Immaculate Heart of Mary School 250 immaculate heart of mary school Catholic Brompton 5007 SA
139 Norton Summit Primary School 70 norton summit primary school Government Norton Summit 5136 SA
140 Paringa Park Primary School 350 paringa park primary school Government North Brighton 5048 SA
141 Tumby Bay Area School 100 tumby bay area school Government Tumby Bay 5605 SA
142 Williamstown Primary School 450 williamstown primary school Government Williamstown 5351 SA
143 Hallett Cove School 700 hallett cove school Government Hallett Cove 5158 SA
144 Mary MacKillop Memorial School 20 mary mackillop memorial school Catholic Penola 5277 SA
145 Dernancourt School R-7 0 dernancourt school r-7 Government Dernancourt 5075 SA
146 Open Access College 2200 open access college Government Marden 5070 SA
147 Naracoorte Primary School 100 naracoorte primary school Government Naracoorte 5271 SA
148 Our Saviour Lutheran School Happy Valley Incorporated 150 our saviour lutheran school Independent Aberfoyle Park 5159 SA
149 Ardtornish Primary School 500 ardtornish primary school Government St Agnes 5097 SA
150 Woodcroft College 3200 woodcroft college Independent Morphett Vale 5162 SA

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