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Top Primary Schools in VIC

top primary school rankings

About this guide

Think of this page almost like a school counselor, helping you through the tough decision of choosing the best school for your child. It includes a table listing some of the top primary schools in Victoria. You’ll also find some handy articles filled with helpful tips and advice on the benefits of tutoring and how to choose the right school for your child.

What the table shows

The table below shows the 150 top primary schools in Victoria.

To find the education information for each school, such as NAPLAN numeracy and literacy results, number of students enrolled and ISCEA socio economic advantage values, head on over to the myschools webpage for each school (found in the last column of the table below). If you need a little help navigating their website, check out our tips to getting the most out of the My Schools website .

For interest, we have provided the search volume for each of the top 150 schools in the table below.

Search volume is a metric that shows how often people search for something on Google each month. It’s a great indicator of how poplar something is – the more people that search for something, the higher the search volume.

It can also indicate the size of a school – the larger the school, the more students and parents might search for it on Google.

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Top 150 Primary Schools in VIC

# School Name Search Volume Keyword Searched School Type Location Postcode State My School URL
1 Presbyterian Ladies' College 2300 presbyterian ladies college Independent Burwood 3125 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46162
2 Serpell Primary School 1000 serpell primary school Government Templestowe 3106 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45059
3 Haileybury College 1800 haileybury college Independent Keysborough 3173 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46189
4 Huntingtower School 2000 huntingtower school Independent Mount Waverley 3149 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46201
5 Beverley Hills Primary School 1000 beverley hills primary school Government Doncaster East 3109 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44855
6 Camberwell Girls Grammar School 1100 camberwell girls grammar school Independent Canterbury 3126 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46204
7 St Andrews Christian College 900 st andrews christian college Independent Wantirna South 3152 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46293
8 Ballarat Clarendon College 1200 ballarat clarendon college Independent Ballarat 3350 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46146
9 Oakleigh South Primary School 2200 oakleigh south primary school Government Oakleigh South 3167 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44861
10 Glendal Primary School 900 glendal primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44968
11 St Christopher's School 40 st christopher's school Catholic Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45942
12 Scotch College 8800 scotch college Independent Hawthorn 3122 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46172
13 Pinewood Primary School 800 pinewood primary school Government Mount Waverley 3149 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44882
14 Camberwell Grammar School 1500 camberwell grammar school Independent Canterbury 3126 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46199
15 Balwyn Primary School 1300 balwyn primary school Government Balwyn 3103 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44181
16 St Kevin's College 4300 st kevins college Catholic Toorak 3142 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45848
17 Canterbury Primary School 600 canterbury primary school Government Canterbury 3126 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44620
18 Waverley Christian College 2800 waverley christian college Independent Wantirna South 3152 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46246
19 Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School 150 good shepherd lutheran primary school Independent Croydon Hills 3136 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46253
20 Fintona Girls' School 1200 fintona girls school Independent Balwyn 3103 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46149
21 Birralee Primary School 500 birralee primary school Government Doncaster 3108 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44955
22 Korowa Anglican Girls' School 200 korowa anglican girls school Independent Glen Iris 3146 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46136
23 Christ Church Grammar School 2000 christ church grammar school Independent South Yarra 3141 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46148
24 Penleigh & Essendon Grammar School 60 penleigh & essendon grammar school Independent Keilor East 3033 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46180
25 Doncaster Gardens Primary School 900 doncaster gardens primary school Government Doncaster East 3109 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45240
26 Fitzroy Community School 400 fitzroy community school Independent Fitzroy North 3068 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46265
27 Trinity Grammar School Kew 350 trinity grammar school kew Independent Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46156
28 Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne 300 lighthouse christian college cranbourne Independent Cranbourne 3977 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46387
29 St Catherine's School 500 st catherine's school Independent Toorak 3142 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46178
30 Mount View Primary School 900 mount view primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44912
31 St Joan of Arc School 90 st joan of arc school Catholic Brighton 3186 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45795
32 Spensley Street Primary School 450 spensley street primary school Government Clifton Hill 3068 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44566
33 Brighton Grammar School 700 brighton grammar school Independent Brighton 3186 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46200
34 Preston West Primary School 800 preston west primary school Government Preston 3072 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44662
35 Donburn Primary School 350 donburn primary school Government Doncaster East 3109 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44972
36 Westbourne Grammar School 700 westbourne grammar school Independent Truganina 3029 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46249
37 Brandon Park Primary School 600 brandon park primary school Government Wheelers Hill 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44983
38 Camberwell Primary School 700 camberwell primary school Government Camberwell 3124 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44164
39 Burwood East Primary School 1000 burwood east primary school Government Burwood East 3151 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44090
40 Mont Albert Primary School 1000 mont albert primary school Government Mont Albert 3127 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44681
41 Loreto Mandeville Hall 700 loreto mandeville hall Catholic Toorak 3142 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45810
42 Camelot Rise Primary School 500 camelot rise primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45023
43 Tintern Grammar 2600 tintern grammar Independent Ringwood East 3135 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46175
44 Firbank Grammar School 450 firbank grammar school Independent Brighton 3186 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46164
45 Wheelers Hill Primary School 700 wheelers hill primary school Government Wheelers Hill 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45014
46 Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar School 100 ivanhoe girls grammar school Independent Ivanhoe 3079 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46185
47 Laburnum Primary School 1700 laburnum primary school Government Blackburn 3130 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44877
48 St Leonard's College 2200 st leonards college Independent Brighton East 3187 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46173
49 Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar 40 strathcona baptist girls grammar Independent Canterbury 3126 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46192
50 Hampton Primary School 450 hampton primary school Government Hampton 3188 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44651
51 St Leonard's School 150 st leonards school Catholic Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45940
52 Malvern Primary School 400 malvern primary school Government Malvern East 3145 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44483
53 Templeton Primary School 1700 templeton primary school Government Wantirna 3152 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45078
54 Carey Baptist Grammar School 3200 carey baptist grammar school Independent Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46186
55 North Melbourne Primary School 600 north melbourne primary school Government North Melbourne 3051 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44270
56 Xavier College 5900 xavier college Catholic Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45696
57 Caulfield Grammar School 1800 caulfield grammar school Independent St Kilda East 3183 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46139
58 Deutsche Schule Melbourne 250 deutsche schule melbourne Independent Fitzroy North 3068 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/40823
59 Clifton Hill Primary School 1200 clifton hill primary school Government Clifton Hill 3068 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44257
60 Kew East Primary School 200 kew east primary school Government Kew East 3102 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44567
61 South Yarra Primary School 350 south yarra primary school Government South Yarra 3141 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44108
62 Merri Creek Primary School 500 merri creek primary school Government Fitzroy North 3068 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44560
63 Toorak College 2100 toorak college Independent Mount Eliza 3930 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46177
64 Mount Waverley Primary School 700 mount waverley primary school Government Mount Waverley 3149 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44601
65 The Kilmore International School 600 the kilmore international school Independent Kilmore 3764 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46319
66 Kerrimuir Primary School 450 kerrimuir primary school Government Box Hill North 3129 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44858
67 Melbourne Grammar School 2100 melbourne grammar school Independent Melbourne 3004 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46137
68 Bialik College 2500 bialik college Independent Hawthorn 3122 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46221
69 Heatherton Christian College 800 heatherton christian college Independent Clarinda 3169 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46350
70 Mentone Grammar School 600 mentone grammar school Independent Mentone 3194 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46184
71 Orchard Grove Primary School 450 orchard grove primary school Government Blackburn South 3130 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45139
72 Blackburn Lake Primary School 600 blackburn lake primary school Government Blackburn 3130 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44876
73 St Margaret's School 300 st margaret's school Independent Berwick 3806 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46203
74 Hartwell Primary School 800 hartwell primary school Government Camberwell 3124 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44698
75 Methodist Ladies' College 2500 methodist ladies college Independent Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46144
76 Heathdale Christian College 3200 heathdale christian college Independent Werribee 3030 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46275
77 Glen Waverley Primary School 1100 glen waverley primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45215
78 St Thomas' School 350 st thomas school Catholic Terang 3264 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45756
79 Doreen Primary School 300 doreen primary school Government Doreen 3754 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44169
80 Bentleigh West Primary School 500 bentleigh west primary school Government Bentleigh 3204 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44742
81 Good Shepherd School 250 good shepherd school Catholic Wheelers Hill 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46001
82 Deepdene Primary School 600 deepdene primary school Government Balwyn 3103 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44637
83 The Knox School 1400 the knox school Independent Wantirna South 3152 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46274
84 Gardenvale Primary School 800 gardenvale primary school Government Brighton East 3187 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44666
85 Geelong Grammar School 1900 geelong grammar school Independent Corio 3214 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50402
86 Donvale Christian College 1700 donvale christian college Independent Donvale 3111 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46235
87 Hawthorn West Primary School 400 hawthorn west primary school Government Hawthorn 3122 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44069
88 Chilwell Primary School 400 chilwell primary school Government Newtown 3220 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44409
89 St Leo the Great School 20 st leo the great school Catholic Altona North 3025 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46005
90 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Elsternwick 3185 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45838
91 Melbourne Girls Grammar 1700 melbourne girls grammar Independent South Yarra 3141 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46157
92 Strathmore North Primary School 450 strathmore north primary school Government Strathmore 3041 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44860
93 Ruyton Girls' School 1300 ruyton girls school Independent Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46138
94 Sholem Aleichem College 350 sholem aleichem college Independent Elsternwick 3185 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46237
95 Balwyn North Primary School 800 balwyn north primary school Government Balwyn North 3104 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44766
96 Eltham East Primary School 450 eltham east primary school Government Eltham 3095 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44897
97 St Christopher's School 40 st christopher's school Catholic Airport West 3042 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45954
98 Kilvington Grammar School 250 kilvington grammar school Independent Ormond 3204 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46188
99 Highvale Primary School 500 highvale primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44951
100 St Gregory the Great School 20 st gregory the great school Catholic Doncaster 3108 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45998
101 King's College 1900 kings college Independent Warrnambool 3280 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46306
102 Carlton Gardens Primary School 500 carlton gardens primary school Government Carlton 3053 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44485
103 Westgarth Primary School 400 westgarth primary school Government Northcote 3070 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44720
104 Glenferrie Primary School 350 glenferrie primary school Government Hawthorn 3122 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44301
105 Vermont Primary School 1500 vermont primary school Government Vermont 3133 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44179
106 Sacred Heart School 800 sacred heart school Catholic Kew 3101 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45730
107 Ivanhoe Primary School 450 ivanhoe primary school Government Ivanhoe 3079 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44466
108 Toorak Primary School 1200 toorak primary school Government Toorak 3142 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44544
109 Mountain Gate Primary School 300 mountain gate primary school Government Ferntree Gully 3156 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44901
110 Bacchus Marsh Grammar 2100 bacchus marsh grammar Independent Bacchus Marsh 3340 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46314
111 Jells Park Primary School 400 jells park primary school Government Wheelers Hill 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45064
112 Holy Trinity Primary School 450 holy trinity primary school Catholic Eltham North 3095 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46083
113 Burwood Heights Primary School 600 burwood heights primary school Government Burwood East 3151 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44920
114 Camberwell South Primary School 500 camberwell south primary school Government Glen Iris 3146 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44717
115 Greythorn Primary School 600 greythorn primary school Government Balwyn North 3104 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44793
116 Huntingdale Primary School 700 huntingdale primary school Government Oakleigh South 3167 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44806
117 Auburn South Primary School 500 auburn south primary school Government Hawthorn East 3123 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44721
118 Essex Heights Primary School 1300 essex heights primary school Government Mount Waverley 3149 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44900
119 Wattle Park Primary School 700 wattle park primary school Government Burwood 3125 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44660
120 Marysville Primary School 70 marysville primary school Government Marysville 3779 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44243
121 Oakleigh Primary School 800 oakleigh primary school Government Oakleigh 3166 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44324
122 St Joseph's School 500 st joseph's school Catholic Malvern 3144 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45782
123 Wesley College 7000 wesley college Independent Melbourne 3004 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46132
124 Sandringham East Primary School 250 sandringham east primary school Government Sandringham 3191 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44757
125 Malvern Central School 300 malvern central school Government Malvern 3144 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44326
126 Mckinnon Primary School 1500 mckinnon primary school Government Ormond 3204 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44747
127 St Joseph's Primary School 1400 st joseph's primary school Catholic Boronia 3155 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45968
128 Glen Waverley South Primary School 350 glen waverley south primary school Government Glen Waverley 3150 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45226
129 Syndal South Primary School 400 syndal south primary school Government Mount Waverley 3149 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44913
130 Banyule Primary School 600 banyule primary school Government Rosanna 3084 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44824
131 Rangeview Primary School 700 rangeview primary school Government Mitcham 3132 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45221
132 Resurrection House 40 resurrection house Catholic Essendon 3040 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45884
133 Murrumbeena Primary School 600 murrumbeena primary school Government Murrumbeena 3163 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44604
134 Yarraville West Primary School 450 yarraville west primary school Government Yarraville 3013 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44515
135 Lighthouse Christian College 1900 lighthouse christian college Independent Keysborough 3173 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46315
136 Lauriston Girls' School 1300 lauriston girls school Independent Armadale 3143 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46150
137 Carnegie Primary School 800 carnegie primary school Government Carnegie 3163 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44521
138 Inverleigh Primary School 100 inverleigh primary school Government Inverleigh 3321 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44217
139 Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School 100 galilee regional catholic primary school Catholic South Melbourne 3205 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46092
140 Ashburton Primary School 350 ashburton primary school Government Ashburton 3147 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44741
141 St Finbar's School 20 st finbars school Catholic Brighton East 3187 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45809
142 St Paul's Anglican Grammar School 150 st paul's anglican grammar school Independent Warragul 3820 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46277
143 Milgate Primary School 1300 milgate primary school Government Doncaster East 3109 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45087
144 Kingswood College 1500 kingswood college Independent Box Hill 3128 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/46202
145 Fairfield Primary School 1400 fairfield primary school Government Fairfield 3078 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44500
146 Newport Lakes Primary School 250 newport lakes primary school Government Newport 3015 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/44044
147 St Joseph's School 150 st josephs school Catholic Hawthorn 3122 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45653
148 Sacred Heart School 800 sacred heart school Catholic Preston 3072 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45656
149 Southern Cross Grammar 1000 southern cross grammar Independent Caroline Springs 3023 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/50394
150 Sacred Heart School 800 sacred heart school Catholic Sandringham 3191 VIC https://www.myschool.edu.au/school/45767

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