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Private tutoring for high school students in Australia

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Meet some of our 1,625+ expert high school tutors

Our tutors are all qualified teachers, exceptional ATAR achievers or experts in their respective fields.

Cluey tutor

Shing Hang


NSW University Student

Mathematics: Year 7 - Year 12

Chemistry HSC: Year 7 - Year 12

NAPLAN Mathematics: Year 7 - Year 12

Originally from New Zealand, Shing is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering and Science with a major in Chemistry. Shing's natural friendliness makes him a popular tutor among secondary Maths and Chemistry students.

Cluey tutor



VIC University Student

Mathematics: Year 7 - Year 12

Jordy is currently studying his Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He has experience tutoring his peers, friends and family. Jordy aims to deliver engaging and enjoyable lessons to students of all abilities to help them achieve and exceed their academic goals.

Cluey tutor



VIC University Student

Mathematics: Year 7 - Year 12

Chemistry HSC: Year 7 - Year 12

Senesha graduated Year 12 with an ATAR of 98.30. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. She has 3 years' experience as a volunteer tutor in literacy and numeracy with disadvantaged families in primary schools. Senesha has a kind and friendly approach, she is patient and committed to her students. She aims to deliver engaging and enjoyable lessons to students of all abilities to help them achieve and exceed their academic goals.

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We asked some of our students what they thought of their tutoring sessions:

"I learnt new knew knowledge and discovered a new skill. "
Olianna , Mathematics student , Brassall , QLD
Learned A Lot
"I learnt simpler methods to save time when doing equations. "
Kacey , Mathematics student , Brassall , QLD
"I learnt how to solve polynomials using the skills i already had. "
Franklin , Mathematics student , Brassall , QLD
Learned A Lot
"I got to learn some new mathematical techniques that were previously unfamiliar. "
Nisa , Mathematics student , Brassall , QLD
Learned A Lot
"Learnt new methods of factorising and how to factorise the difference of two squares "
Yasser , Mathematics student , Brassall , QLD

Students from schools across Australia choose Cluey for private tutoring

Canberra Grammar School
Independent Co-Ed in Red hill ACT offering K-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 11:1
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Government Co-Ed in Carlingford NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
Sydney Boys High School
Government Boys in Surry hills NSW offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 15:1
Darwin High School
Government Co-Ed in The gardens NT offering U, 10-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 13:1
Brisbane State High School
Government Co-Ed in South brisbane QLD offering 7-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 15:1
Adelaide High School
Government Co-Ed in Adelaide SA offering U, 8-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 13:1
Mount Carmel College
Catholic Co-Ed in Sandy bay TAS offering Prep-10 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1
Scotch College
Independent Boys in Hawthorn VIC offering Prep-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 9:1
Newman College
Catholic Co-Ed in Churchlands WA offering PP-12 with a Student to Fulltime Teacher ratio of 14:1

Here’s what parents and students around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:

Jen McGill

My 12 year old daughter was having a bit of trouble transitioning from primary school Maths to high school Maths. A friend told us they were using Cluey for their daughter and how fun and helpful it was. As a busy working mum I love the fact that it is online so no racing around after school to a venue. It is very professionally set up and the tutor can set questions for her during the session and the tutor can see her working out methods, etc. which makes the feedback on how to improve easier. There is a questionnaire to fill out initially so that they can find the best tutor to suit your child, e.g. if the are anxious or very active, etc. My daughter really likes her tutor, and after every session says how much she has learnt. She doesn't love Maths - she's more an English/Sports kid - but she is buzzing when she finishes a tutoring session because what she was taught finally makes sense! Would highly recommend

Nat mexon

I needed a flexible tutor service that meet my son's needs. He is in year 10 at high school but wasn't keeping up with the class content, unfortunately some of his teachers weren't able to give him the support he needed and he was lagging behind in which his self confidence was suffering. We have used Cluey for Term 1 2021 and his confidence has really improved and with the 1 on 1 Tutoring has helped enormously .. a big thanks to the tutors..

mel kiely

I have twin boys going into high school who are struggling with English. I had many questions in the beginning and Cluey were just amazing at taking the time to answer everything first. It has only been a short time that we have started and am so impressed already. Cluey have been amazing at resolving anything I needed clarification on very quickly. You can view all sessions afterwards and are updated after every session. I love the reminders they send too. Their service and speed at resolving anything I can not fault. The tutor has been wonderful and can already start to see the boys confidence and concentration growing. I have been really impressed with how you can pause any sessions when things come up and love the fact their is no lock in periods at all. I was thinking if no results were achieved I can just cancel and nothing had been lost. After experiencing Cluey I am extremely satisfied and can not recommend highly enough.


Sydney, NSW

Great Tutors!

I have two high school aged daughters who have been using Cluey for approximately a month. The tutors have been fantastic and cater for their needs. There were a few issues with accessing the sessions however this was easily resolved. I really like the feature of my daughters being able to re-watch their session if they needed to and tailoring their session to what is currently being taught at school.


Great on-line tutoring program for kids

Cluey on-line tutoring is helping my grand daughter with her high school maths. The on-line program is great for working parents who find it hard to get their children to face to face tutoring sessions. It is convenient and the tutors are supportive.

Mark Brown

My 12 year old son was struggling with High School math, but in a matter of roughly 2 months, he has received an award in maths at school (never happened before), as well as getting a B on his school report (also has never happened). He was initially very against wanting a tutor, I think he thought it was a punishment, but he happily logs on every week and does his session. I am very glad I chose to use Cluey. Kim Lyons (mother)

Tania Timothy

Our son is in Year 11 and has struggled since year 9 with Mathematics and English. Our attempts to help our son have not been met with enthusiasm. We regret that it took us so long to realise that tutoring was the way forward for him. Our son has now completed his fifth week of tutoring, twice a week, in each English and Mathematics. We have seen the beginning of a change in attitude in our son. His tutoring is helping him to believe in his ability to learn once again. We were thrilled when our son achieved a score of 78% on a Mathematics SAC, considering he has just been scraping by with scores in the 50s or failing. This, after only 5 sessions with his tutor.

Our report card is in and feedback is positive

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