• Mathematical Methods
  • Year 11

Differential Calculus

approx. 9 hrs

2 topics

19 concepts

We’ll help you master Differential Calculus and set you up for success in Year 12.  

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Differential Calculus covers the fundamental theory behind Calculus studied in Year 11 Mathematical Methods, and is aligned with the senior Mathematics syllabus.  In this program, we work through the fundamental principles of calculus and help students apply effective differential calculus techniques using appropriate notation. 

Topics & Concepts We Cover

This learning program is made up of the following 2 topics, broken down into 19 concepts.

  • Limits and Continuity 11 concepts

    1. The limit does not exist

    2. Identify a graph as continuous or discontinuous

    3. Analysing limits graphically

    4. Limits when approaching infinity

    5. One-sided limits

    6. Finding limits by factoring, rationalising

    7. Finding limits by direct substitution

    8. Limit theorems i.e. sum, difference, product and quotient

    9. Identify points of discontinuity from a graph or function

    10. Continuity at a point

    11. Continuity over an interval

  • Derivative of a Function 8 concepts

    1. Differentiation by first principles

    2. Power rule of differentiation

    3. Gradient of a secant to a curve

    4. Differentating functions multiplied by a constant

    5. Differentiating sums or differences of functions

    6. Chain rule of differentiation

    7. Product rule of differentiation

    8. Quotient rule of differentiation

What you'll get

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  • All the content required to help you master the syllabus, including theory, worked examples, exam preparation and practice questions

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  • Access information at every stage showing what's been mastered, what areas need to be worked on and what's next
  • You and your parents receive a comprehensive feedback report after every session
  • Every session is recorded and available for you to watch at any time, allowing you to review what was covered

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