• Mathematics General
  • Year 12

Graphs and Networks

approx. 14 hrs

2 topics

41 concepts

Develop extensive understanding of Graphs and Networks and the skills for examination success.

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The Graphs and Networks program is an essential part of the Year 12 Mathematics General course as outlined in the Australian curriculum. We show students how to use graphs and networks to represent and analyse everyday situations. They conduct analysis on information contained in graphs and networks and communicate conclusions using appropriate mathematical language, notation and diagrams.

Topics & Concepts We Cover

This learning program is made up of the following 2 topics, broken down into 41 concepts.

  • Application of Graph Theory 32 concepts

    1. Determine the maximum flow for any section of sequential edges of a directed graph

    2. Identify isomorphic graphs

    3. Determine cut capacities

    4. Determine the maximum flow as equal to the minimum cut capacity

    5. Draw directed and weighted bipartite graphs

    6. Use the Hungarian algorithm to determine an optimum allocation in order to minimise cost

    7. Create an activity network from a precedence table

    8. Write down a precedence table from an activity network

    9. Decide when to use dummy activities in an activity network

    10. Use forward scanning to determine the earliest starting time of activities in an activity network

    11. Use backward scanning to determine the latest starting time of activities in an activity network

    12. Determine the float time for activities in an activity network

    13. Determine the overall minimum completion time for a project using critical path analysis

    14. Determine the critical path for an activity network

    15. Use crashing to reduce the completion time of a project

    16. Describe the flow of material through a directed graph

    17. Reading a graph to write down the list of vertices in order of a walk, trail, path, circuit or cycle

    18. Identify and describe the movement around a graph as a walk, trail, path, circuit or cycle

    19. Identify traversable graphs

    20. Identify eulerian trails and circuits

    21. Application of eulerian trails and circuits to contextual problems

    22. Identify hamiltonian paths and cycles

    23. Application of hamiltonian paths and cycles to contextual problems

    24. Identify weighted graphs and networks

    25. Finding the shortest path through a network by inspection

    26. Identify tree structures from a graph including spanning and minimum trees

    27. Use Prim's algorithm to obtain a minimum spanning tree

    28. Identify and define graphs as simple, isolated vertex, degenerate, complete, subgraph, connected

    29. Finding the shortest path through a network by Dijkstra's algorithm

    30. Solving connector problems

    31. Define and describe a directed graph (digraph)

    32. Determine the shortest path through a directed graph using Dijkstra's algorithm

  • Graph theory 9 concepts

    1. Construct an adjacency matrix

    2. Construct a graph from an adjacency matrix

    3. Identify planar graphs

    4. Redraw a graph in planar form

    5. Using Euler's formula to determine element values of a connected planar graph

    6. Identify elements of a graph including dots, vertices, edges, loops and faces

    7. Determine the degree of a vertex

    8. Verify Euler's rule given a connected planar graph

    9. Identify connected graphs and bridges

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