• Mathematics Standard
  • Year 12

Network concepts

approx. 12 hrs

10 topics

21 concepts

Enrol in Network concepts and learn how to work effectively with network diagrams to solve related practical problems.

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In this learning program, students will learn how to identify and use network terminology and to solve problems involving networks. Students develop their awareness of the applicability of networks throughout their lives including the structure of social media networks. We will help students develop the ability to use associated techniques to optimise practical problems.

Topics & Concepts We Cover

This learning program is made up of the following 10 topics, broken down into 21 concepts.

  • Network terminology 2 concepts

    1. Identify elements of a graph including dots, vertices, edges, loops and faces

    2. Determine the degree of a vertex

  • Travelling a network 2 concepts

    1. Identify traversable graphs

    2. Identify and describe the movement around a graph as a walk, trail, path, circuit or cycle

  • Drawing a network diagram 4 concepts

    1. Drawing a network diagram to represent a map

    2. Drawing a network diagram to represent a table

    3. Identify isomorphic graphs

    4. Identify connected graphs and bridges

  • Weighted graphs 2 concepts

    1. Draw a weighted graph from a table

    2. Identify weighted graphs and networks

  • Eulerian and Hamiltonian walks 2 concepts

    1. Identify eulerian trails and circuits

    2. Identify hamiltonian paths and cycles

  • Network problems 3 concepts

    1. Investigate the Konigsberg bridge problem

    2. Application of eulerian trails and circuits to contextual problems

    3. Application of hamiltonian paths and cycles to contextual problems

  • Minimal spanning trees 3 concepts

    1. Determine the minimum spanning tree by using Kruskal's algorithm

    2. Use Prim's algorithm to obtain a minimum spanning tree

    3. Identify tree structures from a graph including spanning trees

  • Connector problems 1 concept

    1. Solving connector problems

  • Crashing 1 concept

    1. Apply the crashing method

  • Shortest path 1 concept

    1. Finding the shortest path through a network by inspection

What you'll get

Learning Content

  • A customised learning plan to suit your needs, adapting to your pace as you learn, progress and achieve mastery
  • All the content required to help you master the syllabus, including theory, worked examples, exam preparation and practice questions

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  • Our tutors are talented, tested, top ATAR achievers and subject experts
  • During each session, your tutor guides you through your learning program, providing real-time, live expert tutoring in Network concepts


  • Access information at every stage showing what's been mastered, what areas need to be worked on and what's next
  • You and your parents receive a comprehensive feedback report after every session
  • Every session is recorded and available for you to watch at any time, allowing you to review what was covered

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