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6 concepts

Learn how to understand, analyse and appreciate Shakespeare’s work and write about it with confidence and insight.

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Shakespeare features prominently on English syllabuses throughout Australia and is mandatory study for many senior students. And yet, many students find studying Shakespeare difficult and daunting, affecting their enjoyment of and performance in English. Other students love Shakespeare and want to immerse themselves in an expert understanding of his work. This program is designed for all students, regardless of their attitude to Shakespeare. The Year 9 Shakespeare At Any Level program demystifies Shakespeare, giving students access to his language, understanding of his plays and appreciation of his literary and cultural legacy. We look closely at Shakespeare’s historical context and how it is reflected in his work, and consider the enduring relevance of his work through the lens of our own context. The Year 9 Shakespeare At Any Level program gives students the skills to analyse Shakespearean language and dramatic devices and to engage with the plays’ themes and his hallmark ideas. We will also focus on writing about the plays critically and creatively. The program is designed to support the specific Shakespearean text that a student is studying at school, with the Topics and Concepts adjusted accordingly.

Topics & Concepts We Cover

The Shakespeare At Any Level program for Year 9 includes the following Topics and Concepts.

  • Shakespeare’s Context

    1. Students gain insight into Shakespeare’s historical, cultural and social context and how it is reflected in his writing. Understanding the relationship between text and context is a valuable foundation for understanding many classic literary texts.
  • Elizabethan Theatrical Conventions

    1. Students gain an understanding of the theatrical conventions and practices of Shakespeare’s time to enhance their understanding of the plays.
  • Context and Interpretation

    1. Students consider the modern approach to Shakespeare’s work, incorporating the Australian Curriculum concepts of context and literary value.
  • Shakespearean Language

    1. Analysis of Shakespeare’s language through close reading of specific passages gives students skill with literary analysis. Close reading builds students’ familiarity with the texts and helps them to construct essays and other critical responses.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of a Specific Play

    1. The program accommodates a close study of the plays that students are studying at school, looking at characterisation, symbolism, theme and other aspects of the play as well as its language and structure. This study can include versions and adaptations of the play, which are often studied as unique texts.
  • Close Reading of Excerpts

    1. The program can expose students to important excerpts from a range of plays if their school study of Shakespeare is more general. For example, we may look closely at a number of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes or female protagonists, or do a close reading of soliloquies from a number of plays.

What you'll get

Learning Content

  • A customised learning plan to suit your needs, adapting to your pace as you learn, progress and achieve mastery
  • All the content required to help you master the syllabus, including theory, worked examples, exam preparation and practice questions

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  • Our tutors are talented, tested, top ATAR achievers and subject experts
  • During each session, your tutor guides you through your learning program, providing real-time, live expert tutoring in Shakespeare


  • Access information at every stage showing what's been mastered, what areas need to be worked on and what's next
  • You and your parents receive a comprehensive feedback report after every session
  • Every session is recorded and available for you to watch at any time, allowing you to review what was covered

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